Monday, June 25, 2007

Bye Bye Stitches, Hello Treadmill

Hooray! The stitches are out! Got them out this morning. The nurse praised me on how well I took care of the areas, and they think I prob won't have scars at all. I was so excited to come home tonight and USE MY GYM! The doc would not let me until the stitches were out. I had a great workout tonight. I forgot how much I missed it, and it's only been two weeks. Of which I was sick most of, so my workouts prob would have ceased a little bit anyway.

Had to go to the Cingular store today. I accidentally put Kurt's phone in the washing machine. And of course, he was annoyed at ME because of it. If he actually took his phone out of his pocket, this prob would be solved, but whatever. I screwed up. The phone is like 2 years old anyway, so it was prob about a time for an upgrade. Of course, the phone I wanted for him was out of stock. So, I came home, after my workout and called Cingular. I somehow talked them into a cheaper price on the phone and it is getting delivered overnight to us. He is getting the Treo 750. I had to stop myself from looking at phones for myself--I heart new phones.

Anyway, break down of my weekend.

Friday night, Kurt, Kory and I went to dinner with some friends at Crave in Dearborn. The food was awesome, as usual, and dinner was fun. I had my fav shrimp meal and Kurt got kinda drunk on Japanese beer, LOL. After dinner, we sat in the outside lounge which is really kewl. Saturday, I had lunch with friends again in Dearborn, and then headed to Ferndale to see Rebecca and get my monthly shopping at Trader Joe's done. I needed more fresh fish, we were about out at the house. Sunday, Rebecca came over and we went shopping in Toledo at the mall. I ended up only getting some stuff at Bath and Body Works--they were having an awesome sale. Afterwards, we had a small BBQ with Kory, Kurt and Britton. We grilled steaks and swordfish, and made twice baked potatoes, grilled asparagus, chips/salsa, ceasar salad and lobster, lava cakes for dessert.......We lit fireworks that night too, which was a lot of fun.

So tired. Talk more later. Night!

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Rebecca said...

You haven't blogged in a are on probation :-P