Monday, June 11, 2007


So, this weekend was nice. We were supposed to work at least one of the days and ended up not going in at all. I hate working weekends, but sometimes,it is necessary.......Anyway.

Saturday, I got up and went to an art fair in Livonia with my Aunt. It was nice to walk around, the weather was perfect. I bought a really cute nail file for my purse that is apparently indestructible (made out of glass, and has a cute lady bug design on the end), and a cement bird bath for the yard. My Aunt and I had lunch at Eastside Mario's which was super yummy, love that place. After that, Kurt and I headed to Toledo to the Mudhens Game (for those of you to don't know, it is the Tigers Triple A baseball team). We were invited to an event held by one of Kurt's former colleages at the IRS, Steve, and his wife, Marilyn. They get a luxury suite every year at the stadium and invite others to come out to watch the game with food, etc. Anyway, the game was awesome (the Hens won in extra innings), the food was great, and it was awesome to see Steve and Marilyn. Thanks again for the invite, guys. We had a fabulous time. I took pics, but have not had time to download them yet. The one downfall of the game was the suite next to us. They were seriously the most annoying people EVER. Totally wasted and allowing their kids to run wild. the one little girl, I am not kidding, every 1 minute or more, would let out this screeching yell that literally made us cover our ears. We were all giving her dirty looks, and she would just scream louder. Total spoiled brat. Towards the end of the game, she accidentally? hit the lady next to her in our suite. The lady said something to her like "maybe you should calm down". Her Mom immediately jumped all over the woman in our booth telling her that her daughter would now scream louder and she should not tell her daughter what to do. No "sorry my kid hit you" or "sorry my kid drove you insane all game." Of course not. These people were complete and total trash.

Sunday, we stayed in. I picked up a lot of crap at the house, did some laundry, vacuuming........And the night ended with a trip the ER, which I am going to post in another post on here, if I decide to divulge the disgusting details.....I prob will later.

Hope everyone had a great weekend too.

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