Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dwindling List

The list at work is getting smaller. I think the list is at the lowest it's been in years. Oh, the list is a master list of all clients, and what the status of their case is. Some cases nothing needs to be done, some cases documents need to be drafted, some phone calls need to be made, etc. Anyway. We have worked a lot of weekend days this year, and I think it has really helped us catch up, which is awesome. It's easier to leave the office at a normal hour when we are so caught up. Yay.

Last night, we went to Pete's garage with Kory and had dinner. I felt like I had not been there in forever, and it's a normal hangout of ours. It was nice to relax and watch part of teh Tigers game and eat my normal tuna sandwich. And the Tigers played awesome!

I cannot wait until Monday morning. I am getting my stiches out, first thing. And--I can workout again on Monday night! Hooray! I am so sick of not working out, although I will say that some things have gotten done around the house because of not being able to work out. And I have been sick all week, so my workouts would have been limited anyway. I can't wait to start watching all my DVDs in the basement again.

Kory went and rented equipment and started digging one of the ponds in the backyard. It seriously looks like a huge meteorite has landed in the yard. They are leaving an island with a tree on it in the center of the pond. Everything looks very odd right now. The pugs think it's like a new play area for them though. Anything new and different is exciting for them though.

Anyway, back to my laundry and dishes. I have a really busy weekend, socially, so I am sure I will have more to post about and maybe pictures in the near future....

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Lisa said...

Yay for catchup!