Friday, June 08, 2007

Time for a Parisian Vent

Not that another source needs to talk about this, but I had to put in my two cents.

It made my day that Paris Hilton is back in jail. Not because of how I feel about her (because I don't really *feel* anything, she is a celebrity who is famous for doing not much of anything, whatever). But because I think what happens today shows that justice does prevail (sometimes) and celebrities don't always get out of everything.

For those of you who think Paris is getting treated wrongfully and differently than others and to Sheriff Baca who let her out (wrongfully, without consulting the Judge AND ignoring the court's Order that she not serve her sentence under house arrest), let me fill you in on the obvious.

First, Paris drank and drove a car. WRONG. Horrible, really. If Paris had hit and killed a pedestrian who Sheriff Baca knew, you think he would be saying this? No, she did not hit anyone. Could she have? Totally. Which is why you don't drink and drive, the possibilty of those things happening. Anyway. She barely got a slap on the wrist for that. Which most first time offenders get about the same. Fine. Then, she violates the probation by DRIVING. Most people would be arrested at this point. Not Paris. The officers simply warn her and make her sign a statement that she realized she should not have been driving and would not do it again. Here, my friends, special treatment. Next, Paris, intelligently, DRIVES A SECOND TIME, after being warned. Her excuse this time is the same, "I don't get it", but the stupid blonde act did not work this time. She gets put in jail for a measly 45 days. Whoop de do.

People seriously think she is getting made an example of? Most people in her situation would have been in jail for the first violation. And for the second? A much longer sentence than 45 freaking days. She should have been thankful for that short of a sentence for what she did but NOOOO. Her entire family thinks this is "atrocious", "horrible", "unfair" and a bunch more descriptive words that about the opposite of the truth. Her mother cracks me up. She is the root of Paris' problem superior attitude. Seeing her talk about the sitution is almost comical, if it was not making me vomit.

I just hope she loses her appeal. While I don't blame her for actually leaving jail (yea, someone tells you to leave, I would leave too), she should not bee so appalled at being put back in.

Vent over.


Rebecca said...

Thank you!!! I totally agree with everything that you said. If it was anyone off the street, they wouldn't care how much of a breakdown they had, they wouldn't let them just go home and serve house arrest. The real world doesn't work that way and that Sheriff is an idiot.

Lisa said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. I thoroughly enjoyed those pics of her sobbing while she was taken back to the ;)