Friday, June 08, 2007

Weekly Challenge

I know I have not posted a response to any of Heather's Weekly Challenges yet, but I am hereby going to start and try and go back and answer some of them from the past, if I am trying to procrastinate at work. Thanks, Heather, for a reason to procrastinate. You rock.

Heather's Weekly Question.

What would you do if you won a million dollars today?

1. Pay off my mortgage and land mortgage.
2. Pay off the two cars that still have payments on them.
3. Pay for someone to put a pond in on our land so Kurt and Kory don't have to do the work (no idea how much this costs, so I am guessing).
4. Pay someone to finish my basement immediately so Kurt and Kory dont have to do that either (no idea how much this costs, so I am guessing)
5. The rest of it I would most likely buy land and build a house someplace in a Central American country, i.e. Belize or Costa Rica.
6. If anything is left over, I would invest it.

**I challenge everyone who reads this blog (who does not already answer Heather's Challenges) to answer this question as well. :).

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