Monday, August 13, 2007


**Carolyn, the next St. Pauli's Girl.....hehe. She LOVED this picture.....

So, I rented the car for Vegas today. It actually seems more real that I am getting away, now that stuff is getting reserved. I used a coupon from the Entertainment Book and saved $45! What a deal! We are getting a convertible from Alamo. We only get convertibles in Vegas, they are so much fun to drive the Strip with. Hopefully we get a PT Cruiser again, they are a lot of fun. I need to start researching places to eat and write them down. I always try to find kewl, offstrip places to eat at while we are there.

So, more with the shopping. I went on Sunday to Old Navy to replace my flip flops....I have had the same pair of black Old Navy flip flops forever, and I freaking swear by them. They cost all of $2.50, but they are the most durable, comfy flip flops in life. Anyway. Mine are about dead, so I purchased two new pairs, one in black and one in white. While there, tried on a really cute jean skirt that I got, as well as some t-shirts on sale. Also bought the pugs a new walrus toy that they are in love with.

The office was insane today. People were driving me crazy. Sometimes I want to say to people "LISTEN. I am not going to harass others simply because you harass me." We have one client who stopped in on Friday afternoon, wanted me to make a phone call. Which I did. While she was there. I got a hold of the atty, but he had to place another call to a company to get the info I needed for my client. She was not happy with that, wanted her info right then. Anyway. That was 445 PM on Friday. She then stopped in AGAIN on Monday morning at 1000 AM and wanted me to call the lawyer AGAIN. I was like "No, I am not going to harass him, he will call me back when he has the info." It was totally like she did not comprehend this, and truly wanted me to call. I refused. Of course, the lawyer called me back a couple hours later, gave me the info she wanted and I called her with it. Why can't people just let me do my freaking job? Every call then comes though, that I have to answer is another minute of the day that I can't work on people's files, documents, whatever. And then people bitch when their work is not done instantaneously.

We have one divorce today that amused me. For the entire case, the cheap ass husband has not gotten a lawyer. Tried to *settle* the case with his wife, and literally drove us up the wall. Even though it is a long term marriage and he makes 4 times what she does, he does not think she is entitled to anything. In fact, she is entitled to half his pension, spousal support, child support, etc. The case was mediated and got NOWHERE because the guy did not have a lawyer there with him to teach him REASON. Anyway, FINALLY, at the final hour, he gets a lawyer. A personal injury lawyer. OK. This is a complex family law case, and you hire a personal injury lawyer? Never heard of this guy before. He calls Kurt up, and proceeds to (LOL) tell Kurt that he is reasonable and tries to tell Kurt how the Judge will rule in the case. Kurt found this amusing because we have a Judge who is not predictable whatsoever. And since Kurt is in court almost every day and knows all the lawyers in family law down there, and has never heard of this guy, we are fairly sure he is not in front of this Judge on a regular basis. Especially from his comments about *knowing* what the Judge will rule. It was amusing, to say the least. Sometimes, lawyers who are older than we are will attempt to bully us, which does not work. I find it hilarious though. They think we don't know what we are doing, because they have been practicing longer than us. Yea, maybe longer, but we do so many cases a year, we actually have MORE experience. But they don't know that until they see what happens when they are against us in court.

Oh, and we got some really, really juicy stuff on one of our cases today. Kurt cannot wait until Friday to present it to the Judge (we have a hearing in the case). This will be one for the Haskell law record books, I think. Some stories we tell again and again, and I believe this will be one of 'em. On par with the atty who drafted a Motion and attached a picture of a webcam penis pic to it; or perhaps the time our client held up panties in court of his wife's lesbian lover.......This may be even better, but I will have to wait and see if the info is brought up or not. There is a total arrogant atty on the other side of the case who thinks he knows everything (even though he continually loses on this case), so it will be super fun to see how he explains this ........

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