Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shopping Gods Smiled Upon Me

**Pic above is of me, my Mom, and Maga (my Mom's Mom).

So. This week was so odd. Thursday, I am sitting at work, feeling kinda out of it. As afternoon approaches, I feel like I am burning up. I put my hand to my forward, back of my neck and I feel really, really hot. I am also feeling kinda dizzy and out of it. Kurt is at court, and I am at the office alone, so I continue working, but can barely focus. Kurt finally gets back, and I tell him I am going to lie down for a second, after he feels my head and confirms I feel really warm. I do so. Proceed to alternate between working and lying down for the remainder of the day. Had a board meeting that night and call in saying I don't think I will make it, but will try. I proceed to pass out the entire ride home. Wake up to Kurt helping me into the house. Take my temp--102. Lie down on couch with blanket, shivering. Two pugs proceed to jump on couch and cuddle and I pass out until around 10 p.m. Get up, take temp, STILL 102. Go to bed. Feel fever break in the middle of the night and JOY--get a headache. But am glad fever is gone. So strange. No other symptoms or anything, but this odd fever. Ideas anyone? The next day, Friday, I was really worn out and felt like I had a slight fever again that afternoon. Today, woke up with a headache, but proceeded with me day and finally, late afternoon, feel like myself again. I don't get up, but whatever. It would be nice if I could actually take time off when I get sick like that, like most of society can. Con #456 of being self employed--Can't call in sick to work. :).

Today was fun. Had lunch with Hollie and Becca at Red Lobster in Southgate. Bec is leaving for Michigan State soon (she is going there junior and senior years of college), and we wanted one last lunch before she left. After that, i headed to the mall to try and get some summery skirts and shirts for our Vegas trip over Labor Day. Did I mention that yet? We are going to Vegas over Labor Day, and Kory and Rebecca are coming too! Rebecca has never been, so it should be super fun. I can't wait. We rented a condo (timeshare kinda thing) I found on eBay, it's kinda like an apartment. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, etc. Spacious so we are not all over eachother like we would be in a hotel room. I like my space. :). Anyway. Hit the freaking jackpot at NY & Co. Had a coupon (25% off). Pretty much everything I tried on I liked. I was actually HOPING I would not like something it was so bad. Found 5 skirts, 7 tops (including tanks and tees), a dress and two pairs of sunglasses. Got all this for $137.00. Not kidding. Regular price before sales and coupons? $370.00. I am the BEST bargain finder in life. Most of the skirts were regular price $40 marked down to $8.00. And bonus, I can wear them to work too. Went to Men's Warehouse next to buy Kurt two new suits. Found an awesome Donna Karan one marked down from $700.00 to $199.00. I think the shopping Gods were smiling on me today.

Here are links to some of the stuff I got, although I could not find it all on the site: (two)

Oh, and I am done with the wedding pics (mostly). I think I have most of them uploaded, so if you wanna check them out, click here.

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Crazymrsnancy said...

I love everything!! Did you get one of each for me? :D hehe I really like the babydoll tieback thingy!