Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nothing Much

Nothing really exciting to report on here. Just thought I would post a fun pic.........Work has been crazy busy the past two days, and we have not gotten home until 7 or after each night. I am exhausted. Ugh. I just keep looking forward to leaving for Vegas on Thursday night. I am glad Misty is working the next two days so I can have a slight break with the phone calls. I seriously detest the phone.

I found out one of my friends from high school is pregnant! But, I can't really post about it yet, because it's not really public knowledge, totally. I will wait until she announces it to everyone so I don't ruin the surprise! ;). Congrats though!

Did some more laundry tonight, and I hate to jinx it, but I *think* I am almost caught up. Which pretty much NEVER happens. I am running out of stuff to put in the washing machine! It's a freaking miracle! AHAHA.

Anyway, super tired, so I am heading to bed. Go Tigers!

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