Thursday, August 02, 2007

Short Vacay

My sister's wedding is Saturday! I went and picked up my dress today at the store (alterations were being done), and put my shoes and jewelry in the shoebox and in the car. Just need to pack the rest of my crap. Kurt and I are closing up shop tomorrow at noon and heading to Manistee. The rehearsel dinner is Friday night, then the wedding at 330 p.m. and reception thereafter. SOO many family and friends will be there, it should be pretty fun. Kurt hates Manistee, but hopefully with all the activities going on, he will be OK, LOL. I am just glad he decided to go up with me and not on Saturday, because I really did not want to drive myself all that way.

Anyway, off to do more errands and go to bed. Have a great weekend everyone!


Crazymrsnancy said...

Hey my favorite Scrabble player!! hehehe

I don't want to write why I was livid on Facebook because my brother is on there... But he's going back to his ex-gf. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! We let him move in ON our wedding anniversary, which was the day before our 'relaxing' 2 week vacation, took care of him (he stayed for 100% free, we paid him movies and meals etc) for a month and now he's going back to that old cow ? ARRGH! I'm so done helping him.

Lisa said...

Happy wedding! Have a great time!

MissThang said...

Must post pics of the wedding when you get back...hope you had fun!