Wednesday, August 29, 2007

One More Day.....One More Day....

So, we leave for vacay tomorrow night. Whoot! I actually packed ahead of time (tonight) and it will be nice to not have to rush around before our flight. We are flying Spirit for the first time, so I will have to post after the flight on if I hated it or liked it.......I hate Northwest andd Ryan International, other than that, I am fine with everyone else I have flown. My fav is Contintental, but their flights to Vegas were all screwy with layovers and stuff. I don't do layovers unless totally necessary.

Work was OK today. I went downtown to file because I just wanted to get out of the office. The weather was gorgeous, and sometimes it is nice to just drive with the top down the car and blare music.

Oh, I bought a Michael Buble CD at Target tonight and listened to it a little bit on the way home. I think I bought an older one, but I already love it. I heard a song of his on the radio the other day and knew his work would relax me, just like Colbie Calliat's does. Sigh. Yay. I need relaxing music these days.

Rebecca is already over here, she was sick of her family and had to get out! Night all.

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Amanda said...

Have a great time on your vacay!! Take lots of pictures!