Saturday, August 25, 2007

Life Passing Me By

**Bugsy with the flowers that Sarah bought me.

I yet again, have let a week pass by with no blogging. I swear. I need more free time and it will happen on Thursday evening, when we leave for Vegas! Whoot! Although that won't necessarily help on the blogging front, it will give me time to relax. Which I really need.

I am nursing a headache right now, ugh. We worked all day today, because since we are going out of town soon, I have to suffer working weekends beforehand. At least I got a ton of crap done today. By the time we left, I was about ready to burn out. Typing debt after debt after debt into my computer for our bankruptcy clients was getting really, really old. Aargh.

There was a HUGE storm in our area last night. Normally, I would a good thunderstorm, but this was had us in the basement temporarily. Out of nowhere, the entire backyard became black and the wind was blowing so hard, it looked like our trees were about to snap in half! We put the dogs in the basement, and watched from the living room. All the sudden, we saw Kory and Britton pull up the driveway and run in the door. They had been eating dinner and left about when the storm hit. On the way home, they saw two trees fall over. We all stood in the backyard and watched the lightning and listened to the rain, and finally, it stopped. We decided to take a drive and survey the area, and saw a bunch of downed branches, a few trees, etc. On the way to work today, we saw a downed traffic light, which I have never seen happen before. Pretty crazy.

I got package on Friday from Origins. They had a deal on some products, and I was in need of my favorite body scrub I ran out of some time ago, so I placed an order. The new shampoo and conditioner I got, I used today and I love! It smells amazing and my hair still smells like the product! Which is incredible, because usually the scent of shampoos does not last all day and night and through a workout! Anyway, I highly recommend the items. Oh, and I got a free sample of this lotion that is really nice too. Don't know if I would purchase it ever because mushrooms kinda freak me out, but the product itself is very moisturizing and smells not like mushrooms, LOL.

I never wrote about it, but Kendra (Kory's sister and my niece) was here last weekend, and it was really nice to see her. We took her to Pete's Garage one night, and Dolce Vita for sushi the next night. Went shopping on Saturday in Ann Arbor, and I got a nice pair of jeans from The Limited and a cute dress grey t-shirt. Love that store, and love how their pants come in long. :). Also got my eyebrows waxed, which I desperately needed and never have time to get done.

Wednesday night, I went and got my hair done in Royal Oak at Alex Emilio's. Got about an inch cut off and new highlights, and then had dinner and ice cream with Rebecca. We had sushi at Katana and it was sooooo good. I love that place. I also had miso soup, which is amazing there. I am picky about my miso.

Thursday night was long, had a board meeting that started at 4 and did not end until after 10 PM. There was a lot of things going on and decisions being made, which took some time. But, I was really pleased with the decisions made by the board and the direction we are going in on many of the issues. I am still second guessing myself (not really) on the whole VP thing, because the guy that lost is still driving everyone nuts. It's like he is never going to let anyone live down that he did not get his way. It's ridiculous, seriously. His personality is like night and day, from before the vote until after the vote for officers. He was best friends with one guy before the vote, and now he won't even talk to him. And he continues to cause scenes during meetings and in other ways. I have finally decided that I am done trying to be super nice and get the guy to relax. If I need to say something, I am going to say it, whatever the outcome. Which I did at one point that night when I thought something he did was totally unreasonable. I just don't get people.

Watched a documentary on Waco last night with Kurt, Kory and Britton. It was pretty good, but I was exhausted and missed parts of it through my napping. Kurt highly recommends it though, and said it is really eye opening to how wrong the government acted through all of that.

Anyway, off to bed to prepare for another day of work tomorrow. Hope everyone else is having a work free weekend! :).

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