Wednesday, November 28, 2007

6 Inches...........Wow!

OK, stop having dirty thoughts, people. I am referring to my HAIR. Went to the salon tonight to get my "hair did", and came out with new highlights and 6 inches cut off! Which still leaves me with "long" hair, but it is now just below my shoulders. I feel so light, almost naked........Anyway, I really like it. When I walked over to dinner to meet Rebecca, she was like "OMG, your hair is SHORT!!" I think what she meant was shorter, but it is the most short she has ever seen it, LOL.

We had dinner at Little Tree Sushi Bar and my food was soooo yummy. Started out with miso soup, moved on to a mini appetizer of this kindda crab/shrimp wontons and my meal was shrimp die for. Rebecca's food all looked super yummy too. Dinner was really fun, and relaxing, and it was nice to just sit and chat and gossip. We both had some good new stories to tell about stuff that had just happened that day to both of us.....All I have to say about Rebecca's brother is WHAT A LOSER.

Work was insane busy today. I don't even know how I handled it all, really. Kurt was in court all morning, and I had appointments all morning. No secretary working. So many people kept stopping in to pay, drop off documents, ask questions, etc., ALL in the middle of my appointments. Aargh! I got thru it all well though, and my appointments all went really well too. The day literally flew by.

My two new pairs of shoes were delivered today and both fit well and seem comfy. Can't wait to wear them. Maybe to court tomorrow with my suit? Also, my Xmas cards are here already! Yay. And Kurt's shampoo and soap arrived as well. We had so many packages sitting here for me open. I heart mail that is fun!

And Bugsy seems all better. He was not feeling well this morning, and by the time Kurt got home, he was acting like himself again. I think he just had a little bellyache or something this morning. Poor little guy.


MissThang said..., please?

Lori Anne Haskell said...

I promise, I will take some soon. The drive home is liike 45 minutes and now i am chillin on the couch....and being lazy with my pugs.

Chris said...

lol u know what I was thinking of. lol

Amanda said...

I was just going to ask for pictures! ;)
Glad Bugsy is feeling better!!

.................Nancy said...

pictures! Stat!! :P

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Haha. I will try tonight, I promise. And Chris, I would not be saying "Wow" to only 6 inches.....ahahahaha.