Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving

So, hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving with little work and lots of yummy food! Mine was really nice thus far, although my *family* dinner is not until tomorrow afternoon. Kurt and I decided to stay in on Thanksgiving. We were thinking about going to Pinconning to visit his family, but due to certain family members being there that Kurt did not want to see, we stayed in instead. I decided to go all out (for me) and cook everything from scratch, as well as make foods we really like v traditional Thanksgiving food. So, we had clam chowder for an appetzier, cheddar tuna casserole for a meal, and Blissful Banana Pie as dessert. All turned out pretty well, considering my nonbackground of making things from scratch, LOL. I made several changes to the casserole recipe (added more tuna and cheese), which turned out great. Next time I make the chowder, I am going to add more clams, we could barely taste those, but the soup was good anyway. I used red skin potatoes v regular, which really made the soup for me. The pie is really good too, but really rich. Can only eat a really small amount at once. Overall ,the dinner was super yummy, and I was impressed with my cooking skillz.....hehe. Everyone seems to think I *can't* cook, but the truth is, I don't have time to cook. There is a difference. We watched football together most of the day and I did a few things around the house.

Today, woke up early and drove to Milford to visit my friend, Jill. I have not seen her for over 4 years. The last time I saw her was at her baby shower for her son, Jamin. Jamin is turning 4 tomorrow. And Jamin has a sister, Leah, and brother, Kort. So, yea, I had not met all THREE of her kiddos until today. Anyway. It was super nice to see her (mothers everywhere would be super jealous of her too, she looks amazing for having a 3 months old) and her husband, and to meet the kids. All very well behaved. Jamin is a bundle of energy, very inquisitive and happy. Loves people. Leah is super quiet and sweet. Takes a while to warm up to people. And Kory slept most of the time I was there, but was super cute when he was awake. They are really lucky to have such great parents. I took some pics, but have not uploaded them. After that, stopped at my Auntie's in Canton to run to a few stores. We stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond because she wanted a new roaster. She did not find anything to her liking. I did buy Kurt a new hair trimmer/clipper that he needed with a coupon. Whoot. After that, we stopped at gardner white and I ended up buyng a bed to go with our mattress that was delivered today. Love it, and I got free delivery for Tuesday. Trader Joe's was next with our shopping and I stocked up on fresh fish, veggie chili, frozen pastas/mexican and some other various stuff I was out of. I heart that store. Came home and Kurty and I went to dinner together, which was fun.

This week at work was busy, even though it was only three days. I had to go to court two of them. Aargh. That exhausts me, the running around at court all morning then coming back to my office, with a ton of calls awaiting me and paperwork everywhere....So, the days before the holiday were full. We were so ready to have the weekend off, let me tell you. It's so odd, it's almost like Kurt and I do not know what to do with ourselves having time off. We almost feel like we *need* to be at work or doing something. I cannot sit still at home for long periods of time. I need to figure out how to do this. I need to rest. The laundry can wait. I don't have to work out all the time. The dishes can sit there. I know I am all talk here, but I am trying to talk myself into the fact that relaxing is OK. So, with that, I am getting a massage in the morning, ha. May stop at Elder Beerman after that to buy a new mattress pad for the new mattress. I saw one in their ad way marked down that looks really comfy. Who knows though. There I go again trying to stuff 8 million things into one day....We are going to Auntie's at 2 for dinner with the family, which should be fun.

Snow update....Nothing at alll by us yet, but when I drove North to Milford, they had a small amount on the ground, maybe a quarter inch. My Mom tells me they have two inches on the ground in Manistee. I am hoping that we don't get any soon.....Can't wait until I am living someplace else in the wintertime.....

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