Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hit Me With Your Best "Shot"....

OK, maybe I should not say "hit me" since my arms are kinda sore right now.

Kurt and I went and saw a "travel doctor" today at Oakwood Hospital. We called our own doctor and requested malaria pills and a yellow fever shot and were referred to the travel clinic because apparently, general practitioners do not always carry the weird ass shots and things we wanted. I ended up getting 4 shots, and Kurt had 3. We also had a really detailed exam with the doctor where she asked us a LOT of questions and gave us a ton of information about the shots and Panama, etc. I had a Yellow Fever Shot, Hepatits A shot, Typhoid shot and a Tetanus Shot (which I have not had in over 10 years and is required every 10 years). Kurt had the same except he did not need a tetanus since he just had one in 2002. I was kinda nervous about the shots for some reason, maybe because I have not had one in so long I forgot they were no big deal, and they were not any big deal. The yellow fever one kinda stung a little bit, but nothing major at all. It was an expensive appointment, but the good thing is, most of the shots last a really long time. Tetanus--10 years, Yellow Fever--10 years, Typhoid--2 years, and the Hepatitis A lasts forever. She also suggested Rabies and Hepatitis B vaccines, but those are done in stages and would not be effective when we left, so we decided to wait until we get back to do those, since we were already getting 7 shots between us and knew we would be sore. It's nice now too because now that we have met with their office, now we can just call for future travel and say, hey, do we need any more shots? If we do, we can just go in and dont need the long detailed appointment. Also, have to have a scrip called in for Malarone, to prevent malaria.

Getting to that appointment was a total pain in the ass. First, they sent me paperwork with directions that were to the WRONG hospital branch. So, we got to the first place and could not find parking. The HOSPITAL charged for parking. Of course, we had no cash. And our Jeep would not fit in the garage anyway because its too tall. So, I had to VALET park my car at a freaking hospital. There is something kinda wrong about charging people to park at a public hospital. Anyway. I digress. Went into the hospital and found out we were in the wrong place. Thanks to the directions of the travel clinic. Went back out to get our car. Waited. And waited. About freaking 20 minutes later our Jeep pulls up. Called the travel clinic and yes, they will still see us. They are sorry about the mixup, their directions were wrong. Duh. Get there and check in. The lady (or should I say bitch) at the front desk says to me "Your appt was at THREE". I about choked her. I said I am aware my appt was at 3, we talked to the nurse we are meeting with and she knows this and is fine with it. Again, she looks down on me like a child that is horrible and repeats the nurse may not see us as our appt was at THREE. I could not freaking believe it. I sat down and finally started bitching about it to Kurt and the lady was suddenly nice to me. I was thinking THEY gave us wrong directions, etc. and are not reprimanding me?? When we got in to see the nurse, Kurt was in a HORRIBLE mood and pretty much told the nurse this. She is going to talk to her manager and have her call us. She also said she was sorry for the front desk's behavior. In the end, it was OK, but very unprofessional run business. Really liked our nurse though, so I will see about going back. We prob will.

Had court this morning and was so annoyed. I need a new phone badly. You cannot take camera phones into the Friend of the Court building, where I had a hearing. I first had a hearing at Bankruptcy court where I should have been in and out. I got there, and no clients. Then, the trustee was late. I was running really late for my FOC hearing. I really needed to use my phone to call Kurt, but did not HAVE my phone because I could not take it into the FOC building and did not have time to keep running to my car and back. So I borrowed someone else's phone (SO nice of that atty, thanks again!) and made some calls. Could not get a hold of my clients. Finally, did the hearing without them and left. It was a lot of running around for NOTHING. Aargh. Went to look at phones tonight, and instead of me leaving with a noncamera phone, Kory left with an iPhone. LOL. I think he is in love with it. Truly.

Anyway, I am kinda sore and tired, so I am going to bed.....Nightie.

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