Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Shoes

I know, I know....two posts in one day! The insanity! Anyway, while searching online tonight, I ended up buying two pairs of work shoes. I needed some desperately, so hopefully they fit well when I get them. For work, I need comfort and the cuteness factor, so here is what I came up with....I had a $10 Gift card to use on Amazon, and if you spent $80, you got $20 back. So, I saved $30 on my purchase and both pairs were on sale as well. Further, one of the brands was recommended by a friend of mine as being super comfy, so I am crossing my fingers that "super comfy" translates to me making it thru a day at the office not being in pain from my shoes!

Here is pair one: (Got these in black and loved the little blossom accent, kinda a twist to the classic Mary Jane)

And pair two: (got these in black too, I love anything that looks kinda dance shoe like, and I have other Naturalizers that are super comfy)

I have this pair of Dockers slides that are starting to fall apart, but I have not wanted to throw them away until I got something new.......As soon as the new ones arrive and I confirm I like them, I will be having a funeral for those. Speaking of funerals, I have a pair of Steve Madden tennies that are going to be thrown away soon, which is sad. But, I have other black tennies, so I don't need to replace those yet.........Can we sense a theme here with my obsession with black shoes? LOL.


.................Nancy said...

I am a Mary Jane addict!! Love them :)

MissThang said...

Super cute!!