Sunday, November 25, 2007

Long Weekend....

The rest of the weekend went well. And I am SO not wanting to go back to work tomorrow. I love long weekends, and I get them so much less than the rest of the world (or at least the rest of MY world), so I really appreciate them.

Saturday, I got up and had a massage at Blu Water with , Steve, which I totally needed. I don't even know if he conquered all the issues in my shoulders, but it's a start. And also a sign that I need to get in there more often. I am still in pain today......After that, went to my Aunt's for our family holiday dinner. Dinner was awesome, as usual. She made salmon patties and crab cakes for Kurt and I and they were AWESOME. Also, I love her green bean casserole, so I ate a lot of that too. Had fun showing Grama some pics on the net of the pugs, Bugsy and my sister's wedding. Watched this hilarious ventriloquist that Carl had TIVOed for us to watch. I think his name was Jeff Dunham? Anyway, really funny.

Today we just laid around the house--again. I feel lazy, but we really need time like this. I did do some laundry and picked up around the kitchen--kinda. Placed some online orders for stuff for Kurt--his prescription shampoo and soap. Also bought Gretel a sweater. I know people think clothes and pets is a lame concept, but Gretel actually needs the sweater. Once the temp hits a certain level, she will literally lay on the couch and shiver and will NOT go outside unless forced. Last winter, I bought her a sweater, which she LOVED and thus does not shiver and goes outside easily. So, I know it sounds weird, but my dog needs the clothes in order to function properly in winter. So, her sweater from last year is kinda needing to be replaced. She wore the same thing all winter, and it is just looking kinda old and tattered. So, when I was working out last night and looking thru People magazine, I found a link to a site that has really cute stuff and bought Gretel this. After that, ordered my Xmas cards so I can start working on those soon. So, if any of you want a Xmas card and I don't have your address, please email it to me so I can add ya to my list. I love Xmas cards, I think it is my fav part of the holiday! :)

Off to bed. :).


Rebecca said...

Too bad you don't live closer, you could have a standing massage appointment with me :)

.................Nancy said...

The sweater is adorable!! My dog also gets the shivers pretty often in the winter. AND he LOVES his sweaters, when I take one out of the closet he goes happy nuts!