Sunday, November 23, 2008

Beer, Domestic Stuff, Babies, Fights and Almost Acccidents

Friday night, Rebecca came to the office, as she had a coupon for a free pizza that she wanted to uses at Old Chicago. Her, Kurt, Kory and I headed there and had dinner. Decided to go bowling after that, and the place we wanted to bowl at was booked solid, so we headed to another place I had never been to before. While there, Britton and his friend, Doug, showed up, and we all bowled. It was fun. I downed a beer, which I NEVER drink, so I was majorly buzzed. Doug was slightly obnoxious. He is one of those guys who says, every other second, "Why arent you drinking? You need to drink more". Since I am not 18, this does not really work on me. Sadly, it does work on Kory and Britton, LOL. Anyway, headed home after that, since we had to work at 9 on Saturday....

Worked half a day on Saturday, then spent the rest of the day at home. I was feeling domestic (or something), so I made my homemade mac and cheese, with salmon burgers for dinner. Super yummy. Britton and kory ended up eating too, since they walked in as I was finishing up and I had made enough for like 6 people, LOL. The mac and cheese is always a winner. Kory and Britton liked the salmon burgers, but Kurt thought they were disgusting, LOL, and I was not completely sold on them either. Need to try a different receipe next time. Also, my Tastefully Simple order was delivered, so I made the Cheery Cherry Crisp for Kurt and it turned out really yummy too. And SOOO easy to make. Literally took 5 minutes for prep, then 40minutes in the oven. Ordered Gretel her winter sweater online. It is super cute, and I am hoping that Whiskey will leave her alone this winter and not tear it to shreds. It has been soooo cold here, and she shivers every time she goes outside. Poor little Gretel.

Today, I got up and headed to Ann Arbor to meet Emma Lynn Zain, the newest addition to the family of my friends, Kerry and Max. Emma is totally precious. SOOO tiny. I got to hold her for quite some time, and feed her. It is so incredible to hold and feed such a small baby. Love it. Does not make me want one AT ALL (at least yet), but, I just love babies. anyway, Sara and Nora were super fun to play with too, and they seemed excited about their baby sister. Kerry and Max really do make some gorgeous children........and super smart children. Nora's vocabulary is incredible for a child her age. Anyway. Had a really nice time there and then decided to head to Sam's Club. See the pics from the visit here.

Weirdest thing happened there. I was pulling into the middle aisle, trying to find a place to park. A minivan in front of me stops, and I see two guys in the van talking to two guys walking into the store. I assumed that they were friends or something. I am getting annoyed, because I can't move and I want to park. The two guys in the minivan jump out and start talking to the two guys standing there. And then, out of noplace, they all start fighting. Hardcore. Like, the one guy pulled his belt off and started beating the other guy with it, punches are being thrown, guys are on the ground......WOW. Anyway, I just sit there with my mouth open, assuming that somebody else will call the police. Then, I start to get worried about my car, so I back up slowly and pull into a spot that has opened up. I walk into the store and am thinking maybe this is not the best neighborhood, LOL. By the time I came out, the cops were there, but I have no idea what happened to everyone. Crazy. Never again am I going to the Ypsilanti Sam's Club.

Oh, crazy experience on Friday morning. Kurt and I were on our way to work and at our last turn to the office. Kurt was slowing down, as the light was red. We hit black ice, and start sliding and cannot stop, because everything in front of us is black ice too. Also in front of us are stopped cars at a light. Kurt did not want to rear end them, so he went over a curb and into the parking lot of a gas station. He then pulled out into the turnlane. Pretty freaky. We are sitting at the light, and we see a lady literally spin out, in the exact same spot we had slid, then slide into a telephone pole, which starts to FALL in the direction of our car! Her entire front end of her car has collapsed and she jumps out of her car, and see two little kids in the back seat. She is freaking out, calling someone. I was going to get out and help her, but someone else had already stopped and she had a phone, so I figured I wasa safer staying put. Anyway, we were slightly freaking as that totally could have been us. Anyway. Later on, Kory stopped into that gas station, and they told him that AFTER that lady crashed, 6 more cars crashed into her, causing a 7 car pileup! I am so glad we missed that, as we would have been the first car if Kurt had not driven so reactively. Scary.


Katie said...

Those kids are so beautiful :)

Scary about the black ice! That's one of my biggest fears. I got snow tires put on my car for the first time ever. I'm hoping they'll make things safer this winter.

Rachael said...

Such beautiful little girls!

Sounds like you had an eventful weekend! I am glad you made it out safe from the ice and fight incident. It can be scary how unpredictable people are.

and I love the dog sweater! Thanks for posting the link, I have been on a mad hunt for something for my little monkey, he shakes every time we leave the house too. and the coat he has doesnt cover his belly. Im even considering buying him doggie booties. I have a feeling we are going to have a real winter this year :(

Lori H said...

I will have to tell my friend, Kerry, about your comments! :). Thanks! :). The girls are not only beautiful, they are really sweet and smart......Great combo!

And Rach, I bought the doggie booties one year, but Gretel would not even let them near her paws and hated them, LOL. So, I sent them back. She loves sweaters though. As soon as she sees one, she sits there, all calmly and delicately, and lets me put it on her. She cracks me up. I was BUMMED though, the site I bought her sweater from last year is closed. Really high quality, adorable stuff.

.................Nancy said...

Loki has booties AND a winter coat, a scarf and a tuque! LOL He is such a wuss!!

Those kids are absolutely gorgeous!