Monday, November 24, 2008


Came home today, after working a fairly late night, to a great piece of mail! My final trip itinerary is here! Complete with the names of the Equadorians picking us up from the airport, flight numbers, etc. I can't freaking wait to leave! Only 21 days!

So, Kurt talked to his Mom today about Thanksgiving. We are visiting hiss Grama in the hospital, then doing dinner with his Mom. She tells Kurt that everything up there is open on Thanksgiving. I highly questioned this since almost nothing near us is open, and yea, I would be right. I called a bunch of chain places and nothing is open. Finally found a place that is open, and therefore, made a reservation. Hopefully, it's OK. It looks nice though. Nice for Bay City, anyway. :). It will be nice to see his Mom anyway. Friday, I may brave the crowds and try to find some sales, Saturday, we are having dinner with Julia and Tony who will be visiting, and Sunday, dinner with my family at my Aunt's.

Anyway, had a long day at work and am super tired, so I can going to sign off here.

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