Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Vote

So, we ended up leaving work around 1245 and heading to vote. No long lines, there were prob like 8 people in front of us. Got my ballot, marked off straight Democratic ticket, voted on the nonpartisan stuff and proposals (yes and yes). And, got my sticker, cuz hey, it's all about the sticker! ;).

Left there and headed home to change, then to lunch. I wanted a drink. I had a hard morning at the office. First of all, we were not even supposed to be there. Second, it was freaking insanity. All three lines were going ALL morning, people kept randomnly stopping in who did not have appointments, etc. Kurt kicked one guy out of the office who had the audacity to come in and try to yell at Kurt for something that the client himself did! He wrote a check to our office and wrote the wrong amount in the written out portion, and was mad at me because our bank could not immediately fix it, when in reality, HIS bank had to fix it. Unbelievable what we are blamed for.

Went to lunch at a local Mexican place, and ordered a JUMBO daiquiri. YUM. They really loaded it with alcohol, and since I am such a nondrinker, I was feeling it right away. Made work seem SO far away, LOL. Enjoyed lunch with Kurt, bitching about the office antics this morning, and the fact that anyone would vote for "Bush 2", and had a fabulous time. Took a drive afterwards with the top down in the Saab, then headed home. BTW, it is NOVEMBER FOURTH, and I had the top down in my car. This never happens. The weather was amazingly gorgeous today. Came home, sat on my chaise and proceeded to sleep the rest of the afternoon. Bliss.

We are now sitting here watching the results. I need to head downstairs to work out soon, and will turn the resultst stuff on down there.

Go Obama!


Katie said...

I wish Canada got stickers for voting too!

I'm watching the results come in too... I feel so NERVOUS and it's not even my country.... boourns to Bush 2!

Rebecca said...

I didn't get a sticker :(

So I wonder how Kory feels about his whole third party not winning right now, haha.

Jennifer said...

I'm watching the results and loving what I'm seeing!