Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Fun

So, Saturday, we were going to work a few hours and ended up not going in, which was fine with me. I was lazy and kinda just hung out with Kurt, did some things around the house, then headed to Rebecca's. Her, Colleen, Lauren and I headed to dinner at Kona Grill. The food was average, but the company was awesome! :). And, the area we sat in was really kewl, it was kinda a sunroom, so it felt like you were outside (but obviously were not, since it is freezing here), and there was a fireplace, so it was SUPER cozy. Loved it. The sushi was nothing spectacular, but the ambience was great. After that, we headed to Jennifer's house for a Tastefully Simple/Pampered Chef fundraising party. I ended up getting some kewl stuff from both parties. Can't wait to get the stuff delivered.

Sunday was prettty lazy. Had breakfast with Judy (well, I had diet coke, she had breakfast), and then stayed in the rest of the day. I swear, I need at least one lazy day on the weekends to stay sane.

The pic above is one of my favs I took from Julia's wedding. Don't know if I have posted it before or not, but I was thinking about her because I am going to see her and Tony soon! I can't wait! They will be home visiting family for Thanksgiving, and Kurt and I are doing dinner with them on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. I am so psyched to see her and hate that she lives in Cali now! :).

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