Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Bronx

Had dinner with my Aunt tonight and saw A Bronx Tale at the Fisher Theatre. It was a one man show, and really good! The restaurant was good too....There is this restaurant in the Fisher, and I swear, it changes ownership, type of food, and name like once a year. I think the place does not do well during non-theatre season, because it's in an area of Detroit that is not busy unless there are plays going on. Anyway, it is not a pizza place, and they also serve other entrees during shows. We both ended up getting salad and pizza. I got mine with crab, and cajun crust, which was super yummy. I have never had cajun pizza crust. I highly recommend it though.

Today was crazy at the office, and I am dealing with a client who is kinda a loon. Thrilling. I will secret blog about that though, and I have another case to update you on......

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