Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sushi Fridays

Kurt and I have been nonpurposefully going for sushi like every Friday, which is SOO nice. I love it. Kinda like "date night", but I don't really consider it that. We are obsessed with the Sammy Davis roll, and just sit and relax because after a long work week, that's about as exciting as my Friday nights can get. They have live music there on Friday nights, and the past few times, it has been a violinist that walks around the place. This time though, it was a guitar player/vocalist, who was AWESOME. He was on break for some of our sitting there, but when he played, i loved it! He started off with a James Taylor song I love, and Kurt just started laughing because I think he thinks my James Taylor love is odd. He can thank my Mom for some of my odd music tastes.

Isn't is strange how one's music taste is constantly evolving? Do certain songs make you happy, sad, etc. because they remind you of certain people or events in your life?

I totally have that.

I was driving to court yesterday and REO Speedwagon came on XM Radio. I instantly thought of Rebecca and texted her to turn on the station. We went to a concert where REO played, and now I think of her and I, singing the songs at the top of our lungs, at the concert.

James Taylor, Anne Murray and various other songs remind me of my Mom. She is also who started my love of Billy Joel, as she had his records in our basement and my sister and I used to listen to them together as little girls. Back then, I thought my Mom liked "dorky" music, but now I see she was kewl! LOL. So many songs remind me of my sister. She and I loved music and would sing the songs together in her room or in the car. Anything by Wilson Phillips, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson........

Weird Al always reminds me of my cousin Tim, and vacations in Glennie at the family cabin. Him, my sister and I would jump on the beds and sing Weird Al songs, we knew every word. We would also dance around the cabin singing Michael Jackson and Madonna songs. Super fun. I also know SO many 50s and 60s songs from these vacations, as my Mom had tapes of those kinda songs for the car, and my Aunt always laughs at how I know all these songs since I was not alive at all during these decadeds.

A ton of songs remind me of Kurt. "Just the Way You Are" by Billy Joel is kinda "our" song, even though we never had a wedding, first dance, etc. Daniel by Elton John, Allentown by Billy Joel, Into the Night by Benny Mardones, You Got it All--Jets, Don't You Want Me by Human League, all these songs remind me of Kurt for one reason or another. Jumpin Jumpin by Destiny's Child reminds me of my old friend Deanna.......Big Shot by Billy Joel reminds my of Kory and how we introduced him to the music of Billy Joel, which he now loves.....Oh, and Las Vegas NYE = Michael Jackson's Rock With Ya.......

Anything Paula Abdul reminds me of my friend, Becky, as we were constantly making up dances to her songs to perform in school talent shows, and the song Groovy Kinda Love, because we used to play it on her piano and sing it in harmony......A variety of songs remind me of my cheerleading days and dances we would perform at halftime shows.....Other songs remind me of my days in Pride (a drug and alcohol free performing group I was in), like 3AM Eternal by KLF, Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks--Dream is Like a River, etc.

The first concert I ever attended was at age 21. I went and saw Elton John in Grand Rapids with two of my bosses and one of their daughters. It was amazing, and I became hooked on music live (and Elton John). Since then, I have seen a TON of concerts with friends and with Kurt. prob my fav concert ever was seeing Billy Joel and Elton John together in Auburn Hills at the Palace. Incredible to see two of my favs together, on dueling pianos, on stage. Loved it. I have also seen Billy Joel a couple other times, elton John a few other times, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, REO Speedwagon, Styx, Janet Jackson, Poison, Hall and Oates, TLC, Whitney Houston, Nelly, Eminem several times in Detroit, Guns and Roses, and I am sure there are others I am forgetting. I dont do concerts as much as I used to as my friends who like concerts and will pay for good seats have either moved or dont do concerts anymore, but I still love live music. My one concert mistake was selling Paul McCartney tickets I had when he was in Detroit. I wish I would have gone to that concert after the fact. Whoops.

Anyway, what songs mean something to you, or remind you of an event or someone in your life? Also, what concerts have you been to and loved or is a fav of yours? Any concert you would love to go to and never have? Any new musician out who is new and you think I should check out????? I am in this rut with music, where I really like a lot of older stuff, and think a lot of new stuff out there is kinda crappy and generic. I love the classics....


Katie said...
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Katie said...

I definitely have like, a million songs that remind me of various people in my life. I actually wrote a post about it last Friday! Haha. Music is so intertwined in my life that I bet anyone I've shared a significant experience with will have a song associated with them at some point or another.

The best concert I've seen is Prince. The musicianship was just amazing. I also loved Billy Talent at this tiny club called the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, mostly because of the size of the venue, being in the front row, and them JUST about to break. Amazing energy in that room.

I would LOVE to see Jack Johnson in concert, but I haven't yet.

You should check out:
The Ting Tings
Over The Rhine
Kate Nash
The Hold Steady
Metro Station

I tend to get in music ruts too, but these are all newer artists that I think are worth a listen. Especially Over The Rhine - I think you'd really dig them.

Jennifer said...

I am SO in a rut, I listen to the 80's station on Sirius most of the time!

When I want to get out of my rut and listen to something different, I listen to AltNation on Sirius (Ch 21, you should get it with the XM/Sirius merger). There's some good stuff out there. I like The Ting Tings right now...

RoseAnn said...

I definitely have music that I connect to certain people or times in my life.

I started listening to Tiffany and Debbie Gibson the summer before my freshman year of high school; Wilson Phillips reminds me of college; Sting's songs are special for DH and I...

What is up with that freaky REO video and the Spanish (?) subtitles? In the Jets video, is that Scott Baio at the counter?

Sony said...

I second Katie's recommendation to check out MIA. She is so edgy and interesting ...LOVE HER!! MGMT is very cool as well.

There's a group called the Flaming Lips and almost all of their songs remind me of my ex, Tony. Definitely because he introduced me to them ....but it's a very strong association which at first made it hard for me to listen to their songs after we broke up. Now I can listen to them some more.

Colbie Caillat makes me think of you, Lori!! I think it's because you introduced me to her. :)

Lori H said...

thanks for all the suggestions, guys!

Roseann: No idea if that is Scott Baio? LOL. That would be funny if it was.....

And Sony, AWWWWW. I can't believe a musician reminds you of ME! :). I love Colbie still. Her music is so mellow and relaxes me....I need to pull out her cd.