Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Attempted Plane Attack: Trial Date Set for Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

Attempted Plane Attack: Trial Date Set for Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

Kurt on the News.......


Anonymous said...

Maybe some new Infos for you, Kurt..


ICTS is connected to nearly all Terrorist Attacks in the past.

Watch the Connections between 9/11 Judge Hellerstein and ICTS..


..and take a look from the European Angle to this NWO stuff.



Anonymous said...

The story did not give the trial date. Do you know the date?

Lori H said...

Right now, it's 10/4. However, the Judge said she would entertain Motions for an extension on that if necessary.

Greg said...

Hi Kurt,

I've been following your story with great interest since the incident happened.

I don't know if all these terror events are staged or not. We can only speculate. However I feel your efforts to understand what happened to you and to the country on that day may help us to elucidate some of these riddles we are faced with.

Have you had any contact with the suspect in prison since your last attempt? Have you considered writing to him requesting him to put you on his visitor's list? And if so do you think that will give you the chance to meet him?

With time, have you had any doubts about your witness testimony of an accomplice to the suspect?



Lori H said...

This is Kurt Haskell:

If I talk to Umar, it will be through standby attorney Anthony Chambers. I have talked to him a couple of times and we will be meeting shortly.

With time, I am now more convinced than ever as to what transpired. I would now say that I am 99% certain as to what happened.
There are many pieces of evidence that support my theory on what happened. The evidence that supports the government theory is nonsensical and contradictory. I know that it is hard for some of you on the outside to accept our theory. Starting October 4, 2011, things will become very clear.

Anonymous said...

1-27-11 Austin, TX
Thanks Lori for being on Kurt's radio show today. Your voice/tone & ideas is an excellent addition. I hope you will ask Kurt or guests some questions too at least when it involves this case.

Didn't some of the previous "terrorists" represent themselves too? I don't recall... shoe bomber or the 911 guy that never flew but wanted to do flight simulation? Their insistence to represent themselves seems to fit a pattern, which may be indicative of their guilt rather than being a 100% patsy?

Maybe you can contact his father or someone in his family to convince him to get an attorney. If he does not get proper discovery now, then I think he (WE & truth) will be 100% screwed AND SO WILL EVERYONE ELSE. We will never learn the government's involvement.

Was there an interpreter there to explain everything in his native language?

Lori, your husband is doing the best he can even though this may be stressful for your relationship at times. By both of you sticking together through this whole trial & ordeal I think your marriage will be stronger & better years & decades from now.

You are continuing to do a great service for Americans too by being brave enough to express your concerns & experiences. Maybe you can get some of the flight members to at least follow your radio or blog, when "trial news" is available? Is there anyway to discover the passenger list to contact others?

If this guy was given a defective bomb from our government (more likely through another foreign entity), then our government should be sued & those involved fired instantly. The problem is this happened overseas & this type of covert operation will have so much plausible deny-ability that is will just be another damn conspiracy theory.

As far as the national media is concerned: Bullshit & Liarshit... Pure propaganda & self-serving... Media whores are for money & ratings -never "The Truth" as the main purpose or goal. Only the "new media" that you're doing will save us. We need more patriots like you both leading "the cause". Don't give-up... you have our moral support & we believe in you. The Truth is Out There & in you! Thank you!!! You make me proud to be an American.

P.S. I wish all the government spies/monitors & investigators or sympathizers reading this would understand this... Live free or die! Stop Butt Fuc-king Americans with Police State tactics! Fear patsy-pussies! & control freaks! & freedom killers! And why in the hell are the Airlines & Travel Industry allowing this body radiation search shit to continue anyways? Its got to be costing them billions in lost profits??? How much medical, psychological, and genetic damage is being caused too... give cancer & deformities to save even fewer passengers??? Liars!!

Who are the terrorists now?

Anonymous said...

1-28-11 Austin, TX
Yesterday, I asked in the previous post: Didn't some of the previous "terrorists" represent themselves too? I don't recall... shoe bomber or the 911 guy that never flew but wanted to do flight simulation?

Zacarias Moussaoui did represent himself & admitted to being a member of al-Qaeda. Shoe bomber Richard Reid plead guilty.

Seems the true believers will admit their terrorist associations.

One question Kurt or Lori will know the answer to:

Was there an interpreter at the hearing to explain everything in his native language?

Anonymous said...

please don't allow reporters to dumb your comments down to blaming it all on "the US government," as you are both honorable, taxpaying citizens who as attornies also have great respect for the US Constitution and rule of law. best wishes.

Greg said...

I think I told you Kurt in another posting on your blog about a year ago that your path has some similarities with another attorney, William F Pepper. He was a friend of Martin Luther King, and went on to become the attorney for alleged assassin James Earl Ray after coming to a conclusion that he could not be the killer. He wrote a book: The Execution of Martin Luther King: An Act of State (2003), after investigating the case for nearly 30 years.

He succeeded in 1999 in having a trial for one of the alleged co-conspirators. The jury unanimously concluded that there was a government conspiracy and cover-up, with the help of the Mafia and Memphis police, to assassinate MLK.

I posted one of the few and only reports on the trial here: (mp3, 6minutes)


Kurt, if you do get to talk to Umar, and your suspicions are confirmed, do you think it is possible that you could become Umar's attorney in some way?

Anonymous said...

Please Kurt and Lori:
You need to see this!! Thank you,T.