Saturday, January 29, 2011

Seven Things

I've been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by Nancy at!

Rules of the award are as follows:

1. Make this post and link back to the person who gave the award to me.

2. Share 7 things about myself.

3. Award 5 great bloggers.

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So, 7 things about me, will try to make them things you may not know yet, although some of you know me so well this may not be possible........

1. I just recently found out what my exact heritage is. I am 50% German, 25% Polish, 12.5% French Canadian, and 12.5% English. I have no idea why I have never known this before. I always knew the German and Polish (HELLO, I have the most complicated maiden name ever), but I did not know the English and French Canadian. Maybe it was the French in me that stupidly made me take French in high school instead of Spanish. I so wish I could go back in time and take Spanish instead of struggling with it now.....

2. I had totally gotten over the post-traumatic stress stuff from Flight 253. We went to a hearing last week for umar, and I had a nightmare that night with flashbacks to the fire on the plane. No more yet, but I am hoping I did not trigger something by seeing Umar again.

3. On that note, we were telling the entire story to a friend of mine last night who did not know we were on the flight. When I was talking about seeing the fire on the plane, the thoughts that went through my head, I almost started crying it upset me so much. I did not realize it all still affected me so much.

4. I am really proud of myself for being a great attorney and being respected by others in the legal field, without having to do the "behind the scenes" stuff that so many lawyers do. I don't hold judge fundraisers, I don't suck up, I don't ask the Judges to lunch. I do my job, I am nice to people, and it gets me the same results as those that try and work the system.

5. I feel like I was put on this Earth to do something in relation to helping animals. I actually like most animals better than most people. I don't know exactly what my purpose in life is yet, but I know it's not divorcing people. Once I retire from this job, I hope to pursue whatever it is I was put on this Earth to do.

6. I am not running for school board again. I feel like I am not making the difference that I used to anymore and I feel like I need to move on. I plan on volunteering at the high school instead, perhaps speaking to kids/classes or mentoring or something of that nature. I want to feel that I am directly helping kids more, vs attending meetings and voting.

7. Unless I know the person personally, I will never vote for either of the two major parties ever again. Which is odd, after a lifetime of voting straight democratic.

OK, so now the tagging. Here goes! Let me know if you post.

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Human said...

I gotta love #7. I recently registered green.

Nancy V. said...

Good Luck dealing with the Flight stuff :/

Anonymous said...

I wonder if your skills (lawyer and friendliness) will aid you in helping animals. Kindness appears to be in short supply these days, but you seem to ooze it :)

Trauma takes a long time to heal - and most of us find an wax and wane to it. The fact that you're still flying is a testament to how hard you've worked. It gets better.

Hobby Chef said...

I have always avoided talking politics on my blog, but I'll just say I fully support third parties and I am always thrilled to exercise my right to vote with a write-in.

colfin said...

WOW! Everything is really interesting!

And thanks for the vote... I'll think of some things to post! :)

Anonymous said...

Lori, I appreciate your take on elections. I worked in Precinct 16, Lubbock, TX for 3 decades, having been asked to help by an old family friend. The electronic machines have been a total fraud, and now people who are unknown and often have criminal records are being elected. I am done. I am like you. I will try to find another way to serve.

Bless You,

Turley Thornton
Lubbock, TX