Monday, January 24, 2011


Kids can really be pretty inspiring and amazing.

I had a board meeting tonight, where three high school seniors spoke about a program that they started at the school this year, to educate other students about bullying and what can happen if you do so (i.e. suicide, depression, etc.) They talked about taking a stand, and not caring what others think, and doing the right thing no matter what, and helping others.

Their message meant a lot--we just dealt with 4 kids last week being suspended long term because of bullying on their sports team, so it's an issue high on our list of importance.

It's also something that really strikes close to my heart........Just two weeks ago, I posted a quote by Albert Einstein on my facebook, as follows: "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing". Someone sent this quote to Kurt and I, thanking us for our efforts in standing up against the US government, the body scanners, etc.

I spoke at the board meeting, when it was time for board comment. I rarely say much at meetings, but these kids were so impressive at the meeting and the parallel between them and adults was so blatant to me. We, as adults, do not set examples for the kids, IMO. I go to court every day and see ADULTS bullying one another, hear attorneys talking in a rude way to one another or judges, and basic bullying in general. I hear about domestic violence, adults hitting kids, so many things and I realize our kids are bullying because they are being taught the behavior and being taught it's acceptable. We as an adult society set SUCH a bad example for our kids. They learn through our example, not by being told what to do.

I am 33 years old. I just learned this lesson, REALLY learned this lesson, after Flight 253. I realized that, even when our opinion is not popular, and not widely accepted by society, that "Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it."- William Penn. The kids who spoke at my meeting? They get it at age 17, which is just amazing to me. They should be commended, and will do well in life learning such a valuable thing at such a young age.

I just want adults to get that the world is never going to change if we don't ALL change. If we don't all set an example, and try to make this country a better place. If we don't all open our eyes, and realize that there are problems out there with this country, with society........Be an example. Don't sit back and do nothing if there is something you are concerned about. Stand up for what is right. Stick up for someone who is wronged. Don't worry about the consequences or what anyone else thinks about it. If we don't, we are just setting our kids up for a horrible world to live in.

We need to care about what is going on in our government. Most people just don't care and sit back and just accept what is going on around them. Be brave, vote third party. Try to get people into office who will make a difference, and not just do what their party tells them to do. Ask questions. Don't just accept things as they are. Stop allowing our rights to be slowly taken away.

Kudos to the Jefferson kids who already get it. Let's hope the rest of the country gets it soon as well, before this country is run into the ground by the US government, who is taking advantage of all of us being lemmings.


colfin said...

Well said Lori! The school board is lucky to have you!

Lori H said...

Thanks Colleen! :).

Julia said...

I agree with the anti-bulling sentiment and those are some nice quotes. But, with respect, I have to ask, what about those of us who actually agree with the platform of an established party?
I don't vote democrat because I necessarily support a two party system (though I don't take issue with it as much as you do). I vote democrat because of all of the parties out there, the democratic party most reflects my values. I have voted for third party candidates in the past, but I usually vote democrat because they reflect my values better than the third party candidates. Would you have me abandon those values just for the sake of voting for a third party?

Lori H said...

People can vote however they want, obviously, and this post was not made to try and tell people to only vote third party, just to look at everyone running.

However, I personally believe that while the two main parties "say" they have platforms, they only have said platforms until they are elected. They then mostly abandon those platforms and do whatever the hell they want, regardless of what they "promised" the voters or said to get elected. So, when one votes a Repub or Dem in, they are voting them in to simply do what they want and NOT follow the platform, so I would still encourage people to vote/look at third parties.

But I do value in this country, that we can choose to vote for anyone, so no, I would not try to talk you out of anything. I just encourage people to look at the whole picture, and not just assume that because a platform is there, it will be followed.

We need a LOT of change in this country. Change that I do not believe can be implemented by people who are elected and paid millions of dollars for their campaigns by companies and politicians who then sway what they do in office.

Jim Maendel said...

THANK GOD FOR LAWYERS (at least these ones!)
I've followed this since you guys first spoke out two years ago. Thank God for your stellar reputations in the Detroit community or the pundits would have already ridiculed and marginalised you as "conspiracy nuts".
Now we need to take that spirit of investigation and inquiry clear back to the events of 9/11 and take a sceptical look at everything we've been told about who hates us, why we are engaged in two devastating wars, why we traded our rights for "security" and who really benefited. Peace.