Tuesday, January 11, 2011


by Kurt Haskell

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this story today. Umar's standby attorney now claims that his bombing attempt was impossible! There is only one explanation why this could be true. HE WAS PLANTED WITH A FAKE BOMB! Please take a look at My Christmas Day 2010 post where I claim that this was in fact what happened:


Furthermore, Attorney Chambers gives us this bombshell quote:

"The file contains expert information which disputes the government’s allegations"

No wonder the prosecution has been attempting to hide evidence from the defense (see below):


This may not mean much to most of you, but to me this is a late Christmas present (no pun intended). After 13 months of hearing the U.S. Government's propaganda, the fog is starting to lift and I will soon be completely vindicated.

I am heading down to Umar's status conference tomorrow afternoon. This will be the first hearing of Umars that I've attended. While there, I will attempt to have a discussion with "Standby" Attorney Chambers concerning the necessity of having myself testify as a witness for the DEFENSE. The U.S. Government, the real terrorist in this matter, will not get away with this as long as I am alive.


Anonymous said...

Best news I've heard in the case so far. Wouldn't you or this standby attorney be able to talk to Umar's dad, and then Umar's dad convince Umar to be actually represented by one of you (instead of him merely having a "standby")?

Lori H said...

This is Kurt Haskell:

I think Standby Attorney Chambers is actually doing an ok job. He is acting more like Umar's actual attorney. I will try and talk to him at court today.

healingsgreen.com said...

Hi Kurt and Lori
Great news...and thank you for standing strong...standing ethically and in integrity with what you experienced...you guys rock the house...
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Kurt and Lori,

I think you are both very brave to sticking to your principles. Stay strong!

Human said...

You are a brave one. I wonder if the defense will subpoena the videos from the Airports? After all, if they don't show anything of import why not the defense have them?

BTW - Have you checked out http://www.legalschnauzer.blogspot.com/ ?

Human said...

An item that may be useful to the Defense. Sate Dept. told not to revoke VIsa.
Foreknowledge is the key. Couple this with his own Father being called to testify and let him explain where and to whom he told the U.S. Govt. that his son was a danger. Then maybe the Father can tell the jury how his investments in Yemen are doing?

Human said...

I just found out that Sen. Kerry has invited Umar's Father to testify at a hearing due to start this Jan. 20th.

Anonymous said...

Were you kept from having a discussion with Attorney Chambers as you had hoped would be possible?

Lori H said...

This is Kurt Haskell

I had a discussion with Attorney Chambers a few days ago, but I can't disclose the content of the conversation.

Human said...


Anonymous said...

Kurt and Lori,thanks for being great American patriots!

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing...
- Albert Einstein

Rob in Canton

Lori H said...

Rob, I love this quote. thanks for posting, and SO true.

Curtis said...

Good for you. Standing up for what is right. I continue to be completely flabbergasted by the amount of people I meet everyday who have absolutely no idea what I am talking about when I bring up the fact that this young "terrorist" was helped on board by a sharp-dressed man,etc and how it completely stinks to high heaven of a government inside job. Nice to see others are opening their eyes. Good for you...and I mean that.

Dean Jackson said...

Kurt & Lori,

when persons not knowledgeable about 9/11, and the other false flag operations that have taken place since, ask why the government would do such things, the reason is that the 'collapse' of the USSR in 1991 was a fraud and that the 'War on Terror' is a cover for the war the West is still in with the USSR.

The 9/11 Truth Movement can never give a credible answer for the 'Why' of 9/11, so naturally the 9/11 Truth Movement is dismissed by many who would otherwise see the sense that the USSR would not commit suicide. Tell skeptics that is why 'former' KGB/GRU officers control the major businesses in the USSR (such as 'ex' KGB officer Alexander Lebedev, who bought London's Evening Standard newspaper), and why 'former' KGB officer Vladimir Putin is the Prime Minister of Russia.

One can inform skeptics that there was no de-Communization of the USSR in 1992 (unlike the de-Nazification program in Germany after World War II), which means the Communists are still in power in the 'former' USSR.

Anonymous said...

1-26-11 Austin, TX - I heard your new radio blog. Excellent. You & Lori should recount your "bomber patsy" experience *together* on blogtalkradio.com, with semi-annual updates, since TV news updates will keep happening with the trial, etc. Two witness voices is more convincing & interesting. Yes, it's sad to have to label you "heroes" just to get to the simple facts/truth about what happened, but it is heroic that both of you are persevering & not letting go. Seriously, you should eventually write a book about all this. Don't underestimate government incompetence & cover-up too. I think this is what 911 is mainly about, though there was obvious foreknowledge of planned airline attacks on the twin towers. I would love to know what conspiracy evidence was destroyed in building 7 & where the trillions disappeared & unaccounted for with defense budgets. Don't forget Ruby Ridge & Waco too... all the innocent children Reno/Clinton allowed to be incinerated on a windy day with tanks & tear gas crashing through wooden church & their home's refuge walls. We've been in a police state since the Cold War. It's not surprising the government has a Cold War on its own people. It's easy to control by fear & domination. Ending Mass Media is our only hope... so I wonder how they plan to kill our access & ability to organize & vote out our military industrial international sell-out Americans race to the bottom government???

Anonymous said...

I love this country precisely BECAUSE of awesome people like you who care enough to give a damn. The more you content you create the better off we wil all be. With respect and best wishes.

Mr. Write said...

I arrived at your blog as a result of research I felt compelled to do in trying to substantiate (to myself) Alex Jones's claims on infowars.com about how bad things are becoming in the U.S. and likely worldwide.

I like many others simply can't believe what this world is coming to; this type of thing must be "fought"/resisted and I encourage you to keep at it so the truth has a chance of coming out.

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