Sunday, January 30, 2011


Kurt and I went to Umar's status conference this week. Being in a court room, not being the "attorney" for one of the parties, is weird in itself. Sitting in the back watching the proceedings is odd to me. Kurt and I got there early and sat in the hallway until the doors opened. Once the doors opened, we went in and took a seat. From what I could tell, the only other people there besides us were the media, attorneys for the other side, and I believe, some CIA agents. Kurt was asked by a reporter who he was with (I think they thought we were reporters) and he told her that we were passengers, which sparked her interest. She was from The Free Press and talked to us a lot before the hearing, during it, and in the hall afterwards. nothing we said to her was reported in the Free Press, which did not surprise us since mainstream media seems to steer clear of reporting our story. I don't blame the reporters though, I think they are truly interested, but when they give the story to their higherups, the stories are shot down because we are speaking out against the government, who helps fund them/controls them.........Anyway, we walked outside and it was kinda crazy. Cameras flashing, video cameras everywhere. We talked to a bunch of TV stations, and Fox News was the only one to actually report having talked to us. I imagine Fox is able to report as they are a republican based station, and since we are speaking out against the government and the current administration is democrat, this makes it OK for Fox to show this stuff, and they are probably encouraged to do so. Fox also contacted us the next day asking to come to the office, and filmed us for an hour talking about our different ideas and theories. This was aired as well, two days in a row, however, I cannot find this video online anywhere for some reason. Was Fox told not to air it online by someone? Hmmmm.

Anyway, back to the hearing. When Umar came out, it was really eerie. He was wearing a white t-shirt, just like the last time I saw him. Seeing him was really odd. I almost felt like I was taken back to that day, all the memories of how horrible I felt for months came rushing back to me. I think Kurt felt the same, as I looked at him and said "this is creepy" and he agreed. One result of the PTSD was nightmares and flashbacks to the event, and that night, I had a nightmare and a flashback again. Luckily, it was just the one night though and has not happened since.

We had drinks after work with a friend this week who knew nothing about all of this, and when telling her about the flight, I almost started crying, especially when I saw my telling the story was making Kurt slightly upset. It's so strange to me that what I went through still affects me so much. I remember Kurt sitting back down in his seat, after walking up the aisle saying "we are going to die" and how all I could think about was how upset my Mom would be and how I thought I was living in some bad horror movie.

Had dinner with my friend Nancy this week at Roman Village, half off pasta on Tuesdays! Super good meal not following The Daily Plate! LOL. The bread there is incredible, service is exceptional. Wish it was closer to the office. Also had dinner on Saturday for Grama's bday at an Italian place in Plymouth. Food was below average, but the tiramisu was to die for. Even with the bad meals this week, I still am down another 1 pound, so I have now lost 41.8! I am expecting things to slow down at this point though, so I am happy with that! I worked out extra that night because I felt guilty about the dessert, haha.

Went to a different Kroger's today grocery shopping, and loved the fresh sushi! Kurt tried it tonight for dinner and said it was good! Grocery store sushi, how awesome! This Kroger's also had a much better fresh fish selection than the one I normally go to by the house, so I may be heading there more often.

Anyway, hope everyone had a nice week. Not looking forward to the forecasted snow later in the week, but am looking forward to Kurt turning 40! I will, of course, be harassing him endlessly............

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