Sunday, January 30, 2011

Underwear Bomber Poll

by Kurt Haskell

It seems to me that the U.S. Government is in a difficult position right now. After all, the Underwear Bomber Trial is set for October 4, 2011. This trial could expose the entire false flag plot. I can't see that happening. My question is this, what will happen between now and October 4 that will cause the truth to be suppressed?

a. A plea deal is reached

b. Umar dies mysteriously in prison

c. Umar represents himself and puts on an incompetent defense

d. A bigger event occurs that takes the focus off of the trial

e. A legitimate trial will occur and the false flag plot will be exposed

f. Other (Explain)


Human said...

By all accounts from their previous behavior, if either of you are on the witness list then a prevent defense will be applied by the Racketeers. B & K&L or any combo would do. They've had a lot of practice since 11/22/63.

If either of you are not called to testify then C is most likely. How many "terrorists" have done so?

If a trial does go forward and one or both of you are called and the testimony has the desired effect of opening up the bag of bull shit then the news will be managed as it is every day.

It does not have to be a great a event. It can just be ignored. Except you people have more friends than most. And properly put to use the effect can multiply.

Tom said...

Hey Kurt,

You know I love the Q&A posts. Here's my guess from LEAST likely to MOST likely:

d. A bigger event occurs that takes the focus off of the trial - not needed
There is no focus on the trial. Every media report assumes guilt. They're just waiting to pop the champaign when its announced. :(

a. A plea deal is reached - doubtful
Looks like that boat sailed.

e. A legitimate trial will occur and the false flag plot will be exposed - again doubtful
There is nothing legitimate about this trial and they all know it. The government employees will play their rolls and prevent anything from being exposed. They are not doing this to punish the guilty.

b. Umar dies mysteriously in prison - posible
You never know with this one.

c. Umar represents himself and puts on an incompetent defense - best of the bunch
Happens all the time.

Here is what I would like to see happen:

Call Chambers and ask him to verify with Umar if he had help in the Amsterdam airport. If so, describe the people and what happened. See if he can positively confirm the sharp-dressed man and the incident. That would be a game changer.

It sounds like the reason they want Chambers to officailly be his attorney is so he can't talk to others (like you) about what Umar says. Right now he can. Use it.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

2-1-11 Austin TX

We're already on the road to C and a cover-up, because Umar can't defend himself & discover the evidence.

F: Try to get a religious Muslim attorney from his nationality or language to at least see him & talk to him... passing on the helpful information you can provide through that attorney. Even if Umar wants to admit his part in it he could still expose what parts our government may have played in a set-up role.

He needs to hear from someone he can trust or gain in their trust, and I just don't see that happening unless it's from a religious or political person he can respect & recognize as "his own" kind.

You might check with the local Muslim mosques or (Muslim) attorney associations or DC national or international rights organizations. ACLU might give some leads or help? Contact attorneys that have already represented some of these people to get some more contacts & ideas & brain-storming going.

Are there any famous media-attorneys that may want to help with publicity or connections?

Also, he needs help with his prison rights to contact & see visitors. Again, all of the above to help with his prison & visitation rights.

Greg said...

Is Muttalab's family aware about this alternate narrative? Where are they? What are they doing? said...

Another possibility is that Umar's mind is destroyed by conditioning, hypnosis and psycho active drugs. I don't think the powers that be will allow the truth to emerge in trial. Maybe they already have arranged Umar to think that he must defend himself at trial and steer away from truth in the process. I would love for Attorney Chambers to arrange for a competent hypnotist to work with Umar to see if he has already been conditioned.

Anonymous said...

D, They will stage a event, a live event, no stops. I bet it will come before spring.

I also agree with healingsgreen, we should be allowed to look into the current state of Umars mind. Sadly, I think the wrong people would do the work and just destroy his mind a bit more.

slewofdamascus said...

I think one has to believe that the powers who made this event happen had a longterm strategy with Umar in mind because they gave him a dud and must have expected him to survive. Therefore, the confidence must be high that he is a controllable subject. He is undoubtedly following a script at the present moment that undermines his credibility and guarantees defeat. Didn't the "20th hijacker" also try representing himself before the judge put the kibosh on it? The same methodology may be on display. The mainstream media has long branded people who represent themselves as mentally unstable. Not only can't he win, regardless of whatever he testifies to, who among the jury or press corp will believe him? If he represents himself the fix is in.

Anonymous said...

Umar represents himself due to CIA present at all hearings and has threatened Umar he better agree to represent himself or he will be tortured in prison and die slowly a terrible death by the CIA. HE sees no real choice and is in a foreign land which means he does or cannot trust anyone. He remains drugged almost 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Kurt and Lori..............You probably know this...........But if not, PLEASE SEE

Anonymous said...

Kurt and Lori: Please see this!

Tom said...


Just found out about this book:

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Tom said...


Check this out.

Important part:

"EPIC is seeking a court order to halt the use of the scanners, on the grounds that the devices pose a health danger, are ineffective and breach Americans’ constitutional right of privacy. Because Fourth Amendment questions tend to balance the privacy invasion against the government’s legitimate interest in performing it, the TSA will have to make the case that the scanners — introduced nearly a decade after the Sept. 11 attacks — are an important bulwark against future airline terrorism."

If the TSA is going to use undie-boy as their excuse than of course they have reviewed the airport surveillance video of him and that would most certainly be eligible for discovery, would it not?

Here is EPIC's website:

And the attorney is Ginger McCall. Her bio and phone number are here:

Perhaps you should give her a call. It does say "Oral arguments in the lawsuit are scheduled for 9:30 a.m. EST on Thursday." So it may be too late. You know more about all that stuff. Either way it looks like a good person for you to talk with.