Sunday, January 30, 2011

USA Guilty: Underwear Bomber NOT Guilty Haskell Explains


Anonymous said...

Good Stuff! I reposted this on my blog at

Thanks for being real Americans. You're an inspiration after years of public officials and professionals who have quietly stepped down to "spend more time with family" after uncovering evidence contradicting government tales rather than stand up for what they know to be the truth.

Anonymous said...

The Fox News interview is hitting some big alternative websites like Max Keisers

Also a good article by Fred Burkes on examiner website.

Anonymous said...

2-1-11 Austin TX

This is all good news. The more media attention the better. I think it's very important to try to identify & inform these media people at the courthouse & elsewhere about what really happened as much as possible.

Perhaps get a religious Muslim mullah leader he can respect to see him & pass on information. Maybe if he can gain trust in the Muslim mullah he can be convinced to get an attorney once he sees how difficult it will be to defend himself. Give him a religious or moral reason he should do it for his cause & beliefs. Maybe as a way to explain himself to American Muslims & help change peoples' minds about his cause, etc.

Hope you can develop an angle to sue the government to get information if Umar is flushed down the toilet of cover-up.

Can Umar receive mail or tapes?

Maybe you can open a case with the FBI to investigate the government too? You have good reasons for suspicions. The government can not investigate itself without some allegations and a police report, so this may be another way to uncover something with a criminal investigation beyond Umar.

You have valid allegations on behalf of everyone on that flight to accuse the person getting him on the plane & the person filming the "covert operation".

You know you have "got them" if you can force the government to deny your case moving forward on grounds of national security, etc.

Anonymous said...

Good job Patriot! I'll be spreading and linking to this blog from time to time. Keep the video updates coming. Exposure. Exposure. Exposure. Never give up!

Airline Pilot