Thursday, June 12, 2014

Adventures With Midas at Jaco Beach

We decided to take baby Midas to the beach so he could check out the ocean for the first time.  Super fun.  We chose Jaco Beach since it is closest to the house.  Midas is a pro at car rides since he was in a car from Michigan to Herradura just recently!  :).

Took his collar and leash since we really had no idea how he would react to everything going on at the beach.  It was slightly overcast when we took him, so there were not a ton of people out, which is good, since Midas likes people and likes to bark at them too.  Parked and went down near the water.  Midas had no idea what the ocean was.  He walked right up to it, and when a wave crashed and hit him he jumped a MILE. 

Soon though, he figured out how to run away from the waves or stand there and get wet.  Some big waves came and he got pretty covered when he could not get away fast enough, but he really seemed to like it.  We stayed down there quite a bit walking. 

Then, Kurt decided Midas needed some gelato/ice cream, so we headed into Jaco to the ice cream place that has outdoor seating.  Kurt went in and got the ice cream.  Midas got a small scoop in a dish.  Midas had no idea what ice cream was either, but he quickly learned he liked it.  Took him a while of licking, but he ate the entire container. Lots of people stopped by to pet Midas and ask about him.  pugs are not common in Jaco, in fact, I don't think I have ever seen a pug in all our travels of Central America.  We were going to walk in downtown Jaco with Midas, but I could tell he was getting tired, so we came home.  It was a very exciting day for him!  Next up is Gretel Olivia.  She gets to explore!  I don't think she will like the water as much as Midas though.......We will see.

When we first moved into the house, we did not have all the kitchen cabinets.  For some reason, the previous owner only put a couple in and left the rest open covered with curtains.  I removed those right away.  We got a referral to a guy in the area who makes cabinets and hired him.  He came and took measurements before I even came here, and today, the cabinets were delivered.  It took a long time to put them in!  They are super nice.

Also, yesterday, the guys came to clear out the massive pile of branches and debris from the yard.  They were here a long time as well, but now, no pile at all!  It is the future home of my gym.










Unknown said...

Sounds like a fun day with Midas. I gave Nicholas the pug picture you gave me for him and he liked it. Love the cabinets too and can't wait to work out in your gym.

Barbara Jones said...

Midas is body surfer dude. :-)

Angela S. said...

I love the pic of the three of you! :) Super cute.