Friday, June 06, 2014

Snakes, Toads and Fruit, Oh My!

Farmer's Market Friday!  Yay!  One of my fav events of the week.  When we go now, we pretty much know what we need.  Today, we got Kurt's blackberry pie, potatoes, avocados, tomatoes, bananas, pineapple, kiwi, some fruit we have no idea what it was (LOL) but Kurt ate it today and liked it, corn, passion fruit and some bread.  Came back and went running and swimming.  Kurt was napping, but when he got up, we went into town to the Fish market where I got tuna and marlin, stopped to buy the stuff for the yard to kill bugs that is pet friendly, and the hardware store to get things Kurt needed for projects at the house he is working on.

Came home and I made Kurt some lunch and myself a fruit smoothie.  I was kinda having an off day with not feeling well.  Kinda just tired.  So, I relaxed a little while Kurt hung my new hammock.  We had an awesome rainstorm, so I relaxed in my hammock and listened.  I love the rain.  Perfect napping conditions.

We were relaxing and I kept calling Gretel because I wanted her to try out the hammock.  She kept not coming, so we assumed she was chilling in the house. Kurt got up at one point to go inside and came out saying Gretel was not in the house.  He went in the backyard, and came back, kind of freaking out, as he saw a HUGE snake in the backyard and still no Gretel.  I started to freak out then.  Kurt went walking around the yard calling her, and found her in the storage shed in the yard.  She somehow got stuck in there when Kurt went out to get his step ladder.  I almost started crying I was so relieved.  Then, of course, I had to go in the backyard to see the snake.  We carefully went back there and I took some pics and then he slithered away.  Around 6 feet long and FREAKY.  Then, as we were on the front porch researching this snake from my pictures, I looked in the pool and saw something swimming.  I was like, WTH is that?  Walked over to the pond and it was a HUGE toad swimming.  I did not want him to be stuck in there, so Kurt rescued him with our pool cleaner and let him go in the yard.  Such an odd night.  Found the snake online and it was a nonpoisonous one called a Bird Eating Snake.  Thank God on the nonpoisonous.  Still, we don't want the pugs around snakes of any kind so we are going to take some measures to discourage them from coming in the yard by putting wire around the bottom of our fence.

Went to the gym and then stopped for ice cream in Jaco since I was still feeling kinda under the weather.  The ice cream, oddly, kinda made me feel a little better.

I will say the one thing that REALLY annoys me about Jaco is these parking people.  They are NOT employees of the city.  They basically act like they are helping you park, and then want a tip. I do not need help parking a car.  I do not need directions.  I do not need an umbrella if it's raining.  If I don't ask for your help, please don't give it to me.  It's super obnoxious.  I make Kurt go park in alternate places just to avoid these people.  And of course, they are right near the normal places we park to hang out in downtown.  UGH.  But, if that's the worst thing about Jaco, I can live with it, LOL.





Barbara Jones said...

I hope the fence does keep snakes away. We had a rattle snake weave itself in the wires of a bird cage in our basement, I couldn't pull it out so cut it in half with tree trimer.

Candice said...

We had the parking helpers in SA too! They were called "car parks". The tip was only any spare change. We learned to live with it. ;)