Thursday, June 05, 2014

Scooters, Trees, and More!

Scooters delivered today!  Of course, they forgot the temp plates, so we cannot really drive them yet, but that did not stop us from test driving them in the yard and the private streets of our little neighborhood.  They are not as easy as they look.  I am great at driving in a straight line, but turns kinda scare me.  I am getting better though.  Wore helmets and did all the right safety things.  :).  I think we are really going to like them.  Temp plates getting delivered tomorrow.

More trees have been going into the yard.  We went to a nursery yesterday and got some fan palms, a lady palm and a ficus for the pool area.  Cocha (the yard person) brought more trees today, some coconut palms, banana trees and some other odds and ends.  All planted.  It will be a rain forest soon.  We love it.

Got two new pieces of art work which we hung as well.

My friend RJ gave me a really kewl wood piece for the house today.  Someone gave it to him when he moved in, and he was passing it on.  I love it.  Hung in my kitchen above the sink. 

The dryer got hooked up today. I plan on still drying a lot outside, but it's nice to have the option when it's raining.  I did a load of towels and blankets with it and it works great.  Will be great in super rainy season.  Cocha helped Kurt hook that up to since it required some electrical.  It took Cocha maybe 2 minutes.

I made another batch of fresh black beans on the stove today.  They simmered all day.  Since the first batch lasted a long time, I made half as much this time.

Can't wait for the Farmer's Market tomorrow.  Out of some things, so need to stock up.  We are doing pretty well with not wasting anything or overbuying.

We are also going at noon to look at an armoire a lady has for sale in Los Suenos.  Hopefully, we like it as we need one for the bedroom.









opit said...

Scooters have small wheels - and reduced gyroscopic stabilizing effect. Plus they tend to be more troublesome on rough roads. So they are more responsive - which is not a bad thing once you get used to it. On turns and gravel avoid the front brake if possible. A sliding wheel can put you on your side quite quickly. At least the riding position does not trap your leg underneath the machine if you do such.

jenr05 said...

I love your sign your friend gave you. Also reading all your posts have inspired me, Last week we went to a local farm stand and bought all our produce there. We ate really well this week with fruit salads and smoothies and grilled veggies. I plan to go more often. I'm sure they are as "fresh" as where you are but I like supporting the local farmers and getting a few different things you don't find in the grocery stores.