Monday, June 02, 2014

Sunday and Monday

Sunday, we were pretty lazy. I went for a run in the morning and came back to Kurt sitting by the pool with the pugs.  I went for a swim to cool down, then decided to join Kurt on the pool chairs and we both kinda dozed asleep on and off for a while until it was lunch time. 

Decided, after making Kurt lunch, to head into town to see if we could find any trees/plants at any nurseries. Found a nursery, but could not find any employees to ask questions to, such is Costa Rica, LOL.  Anyway, found some stuff we really liked, so we will go back when somebody is working.

Decided to take a drive up the coast towards Hermosa and take some pics of the stunning views and beaches.  Hermosa Beach is so gorgeous and almost nobody is ever there, it's like a deserted area almost.  We will def be back to hang at that beach soon.

I decided to, instead of doing an entire gym workout, take a run thru downtown Jaco, since the weather was insanely perfect. It was 72 degrees out and getting dark, so no sun hitting down on me like during my morning runs.  Ran from the gym to the Best Western and back, which was exactly 2 miles.  Awesome run.  Went in the gym after and did some light weights and biking.

 Today, we decided to, after the morning run, go to San Jose to shop for scooters.  We have looked online for some around here, but were not really having any luck.  Also, it seems easier to get the proper paperwork and plates, etc. if you get them from a dealer.  We went to Honda, Vespa, Yamaha and Suzuki and ended up with 2 Suzukis, one white, one blue.  They are being delivered on Thursday.  We really liked the Vespas, but they were three times the cost of the others and I could just not do it based solely on the *look* of the Vespa. I think the Suzukis will be cheaper to have serviced as well.  They came with helmets, so we got to bring those home at least.  Yay!  Stopped at EPA and Walmart after that to pick up some odds and ends since we were in town.  Got a water dispenser that infuses fruit, which I have been wanting.  Finally found one after looking for a while.  Also, bought some flowers for the front porch windows.  Bugsy is enjoying those, already lying by them.  :).

On a funny side note, Midas is terrified of the jump rope.  Whenever I jump rope, he hides and runs away and barks.  It's hilarious.







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