Sunday, June 08, 2014

Weekend in Paradise

Had a nice, relaxing weekend.

My fav costa rica shirt and my fav 9 month old boy**

Saturday, our plates were delivered for the bikes (temporary plates), so we can legally drive them now. Yay!  Weirdly, we had to pick them up from the bus station window in Jaco, but that was easy.  Had date night on Saturday and went to Caliche's Wishbone.  I had the mahi burrito again, which is amazing.  Walked around Jaco for a bit and then home for the night.

Today was nice as well.  Slept in (for us anyway) then went on our morning run (which was hot today).  Hung out in the pool for a while and then I made breakfast.  I love making breakfast as it is a meal I never made in Michigan as we were up too early and busy all the time.  Kurt built a doggy door for the pugs and kitties today.  They could not figure it out at first, but are already pros.  I made fresh guac today and homemade tartar sauce, and we had an amazing dinner.  Fresh Blue Marlin grilled with black beans and rice and baked zucchini.   I wrapped Kurt's fish, rice and beans in a lawash roll, and added a mixture of diced carrots, tomatoes and corn, with guac.  Everything was awesome, marlin is now on my list of fish I like a lot.  It is as good as ahi tuna, maybe better.  Am slowly starting to use homemade for everything and only use fresh, local ingredients.  Better every week.

Next up with making my own stuff, bug repellant!


COL said...

I'm loving your updates! <3

Rachael said...

Looking forward to your testing & reporting your homemade bug repellent! I get eaten alive by Mosquitos but hate DEET products.