Thursday, January 26, 2006

Awesome Night

Tonight, I had plans to go see Sheryl Crow and have dinner with one of my bestest friends, Deanna. We met at Cuisine at 5:30 p.m. for dinner. The food there was amazing, to say the least. Some of the best I have ever had. For my meal, I had swordfish, and we split a seafood appetizer. Split chocolate souffle for dessert. The valet service at this place was the best ever too. Normally, your parking experience would not be one to talk about in a blog, but this guy rocked. He had our cars warmed up and waiting for us BEFORE we left the restaurant. Then, on the way back from the concert, he actually said he was sorry he did not have our cars warmed up!! I was like "How would you KNOW when we would return, LOL?" He was incredibly nice. Cuisine, give this guy a raise! :).

Anyway, the concert was at the Fox at 7:30 p.m. Did not start on time, of course, which was fine because I think Deanna and I could talk and catch up for an endless amount of time. We had great floor seats, and the crowd was kinda "old" so we did not have to stand throughout the entire concert (some parts only) so that was good. She sang all the songs that are mainstream, and some really good stuff that was not. Great concert.
Today, I had to go to the school to get my picture taken for the class composite. Also had to get measured for my cap and gown (which are pretty kewl since they are special 'doctoral' ones), pick up my tickets, and look at degree framing and rings. I had not decided for sure, but I ended up getting a ring. The name of my ring is inspiration, and I got it in antiqued white gold. Ordering one anyway, they take weeks to custom make. I never got one in college or high school and decided this would be a great reminder of law school. Plus, I got a really girly, non-class ringish looking one, so I will wear it all the time. I think I deserve it after the hell I have gone through for the last few years of school!

I told Deanna that I was making a new rule that we need to set aside one night a month (or more) to have dinner. When we don't, we don't see eachother enough. We have so much fun together and catching up in person is important (even though we email and call all the time). So, tomorrow I am emailing you and picking a date for February! :).

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