Saturday, January 28, 2006

Day of Babes

Again, trying to get you to read. :). Babes does not equal hot men walking down the street, ;). But, since I am very happily married, that's OK. What babes does equal is Ben, Sara, Bodie, Nora and Maya. Three of my bestest friends little kiddies. Went to Kerry and max's in Ann Arbor today to meet Nora for the first time and also saw all the kiddies above, as well as Deanna and Marla and Kerry and Max. Which was awesome. I have not seen Kerry in forever, and it is very, very rare that we can all get together at the same time. Had fun playing with the kids, and holding the babies. My friends have the cutest kids!

After that, came home and Kurt and I drove around looking at different property for sale in the area. This is usually not a Winter activity, but since it feels like Spring here today, we decided to go anyway. Lots of stuff for sale in our area. There is one piece of property we are really interesting in, 30 acres on Lake Erie. But, we need the price to come down, which I think it will. Nobody has that kind of money right now with the economy, at least in michigan.


My mother says said...

Right, check this out too

Manufacturing Consent X said...

Damn, I like girls..