Saturday, January 14, 2006

Haskell Updates

So....have been busy since classes started on Monday. So far, so good with the classes. I counted the other day, and I only have like 117 days until my last final, graduation is really going to be here before I know if even though 117 days seems like forever. It is all becoming really 'real', in that I received my bar application in the mail, have to go to a lecture about filling it out at school, have pictures this month for the wall at the school, and had to pay my fee for graduating. There is always something they want my money for there. LOL.

I still really like Evidence class. Kurt thinks I am really odd for liking it, but whatever. Maybe he had a boring prof? So, I asked Paul, the other attorney in our office, and he did not like it either. Hmm. Maybe I am odd. OK, I can deal with that.

My schedule is really nice this semester. I have Thursday nights off, and no school on Friday. So, I feel like I have more time that usual to relax. One night, to be exact, which I have to spend reading and studying, but still, one night of being at home and not being in Detroit.

We did not get Super Bowl tickets (in the drawing). So, we have decided not to go. Normally, I don't have a prob paying scalper prices, but they are SOO high, I could pretty much take my dream trip for the cost of the tickets, and it's not worth it. Especially since Detroit is not even in the game. If they were, I might think about it.

In other updated Haskell news, we hired another secretary at the office. Her name is Darlene and she just started on Friday. So far, so good! :). She seems really self-motivated, friendly, and great on the phone. She already put all the documents together on two probate cases for Kurt, which really needed to be done. And this was on her first day, way more than I would have expected. Hopefully, she likes us! With Misty about to have her baby any day, we really needed someone else in here. She is going to come back after her time off for the baby though, so then we will have two secretaries here.

Toby is still doing really well. The doctor sent his slide into that pathologist at Colorado State and they STILL could not figure out what was wrong with him for sure, so now they are doing a DNA test on the slide. If they can't figure it out from that, they would have to do exploratory surgery, removing one of his lymphnoids to see if it's cancer or not. I am hoping we don't have to go there since he is so old. But, the meds did wonders for him. He is gaining weight and acting like his old annoying kitty self.

Gretel is going through the terrible twos. She is only 11 months, but dogs age faster, so I guess I can technically say that. She is harassing her brothers nonstop all day. And us. She is so cute, it's hard to get mad, but sometimes the boys like to be lazy and relax and Gretel is not allowing that. She is quickly (or already has) become the boss of the animal kingdom at our house, and she makes sure everyone is aware of that all the time. I think I call her "brat" more often than her name. But I do so while kissing her, so it's all in love, ;).

Today, we are at the office. Kurt drafted a trust and some related documents for a couple and they are going out of town on Monday, so they needed them before then. After that, we are outta here and going home. I am going to try and do some of my reading for the week this weekend.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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