Saturday, January 21, 2006

Better Days

So, since my last post, the weather here has become totally fab! today, I think it must have been 40 degrees, and historically Jan 21 is supposed to be the coldest day of the year! We deserve this after the hellacious December southern MI suffered through.

The rest of my school week went well. Nothing too exciting in any of my classes.

I went and got a massage today at Blu Water, and had a new massage therapist. She was AWESOME. I am going to be requesting her again. her name is Megan. I am also psyched because I finally have time this semester to get up to Royal Oak and get my hair done at my favorite salon with the best stylist ever. The past two semesters have been crazy busy for me, and I have been getting my hair done elsewhere because I had no choice. I liked the new place as well, but nobody is the same as Roman (my stylist).

I was supposed to go visit Nora Beth tomorrow, but Kerry called tonight to move in until next weekend because Sara was sick all night. Poor thing! I am still going to see Marla tomorrow, and I have to call my Aunt because she wanted to go to the Plymouth Ice Sculpture show. I was wondering with this weather if that is still on.

Kurt built a bookshelf for me today (or part of it anyway) in our den/computer room (whatever you want to call it). There is an area where a built in bookcase was 'supposed' to go, but the previous homeowner never had one built. It is coming out really, really good. Now I need to find the perfect desk. There is one I really like at Pottery Barn, but I need to figure out which pieces I need and either go to Somerset to pick it up or order it. click here to see what I want. but, I want it in black.

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