Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Classes

So, I started my LAST semester of law school on Monday night. I cannot even really believe it. It does not seem real that I will be done soon. Crazy really, but let me say, I will be so psyched to never take another class, hear another lecture, take a final exam again....

So, this semester I am taking Evidence, Criminal Procedure I, Constitutional Law II, State and Local Tax. The last class was canceled this week and starts next week (yay), but I have attended one class each on the first three. And shockingly, Evidence was my favorite so far! Kurt told me I would not like the class, and maybe in the end he will be right, but so far, it is the best of the three I have gone to. I like rule based classes, and that is totally what Evidence is.

My Mom left this morning, but I got to spend Monday night with her, which was fun. We watched the first episode of The Bachelor, and were bummed when the controversial Allie was booted. She kept making comments about "reproduction" and then was shocked when he did not keep her around. LOL. I wish my Mom lived around here, I always have so much fun with her, :(. I hate how she lives so far away and I barely ever get to see her.

Gotta watch the end of Boston Legal! Michael J. Fox is starring, great episode.


Cynthia said...

Well Good luck with those classes. It is scary when it's almost over. I start my last semester of classes on Tuesday and I am dreading it. I am so dang tired of lectures and homework and projects and tests. Yuck!
Those classes sound so hard. It's too bad you live so far away. If I needed a good lawyer I could call you and Kurt! :)
Good luck and remember the light is at the end of the tunnel! You can do it!

Shannon said...

I'm glad to see that you and your mom got to spend some time together. I ran into Christie in T.C. the week after christmas, while you were in Hawaii, she seemed excited about her man coming home...I am happy for her too! As for this last semester, I am sure it will fly by, just like the rest of them have...good luck w/the classes!