Wednesday, January 25, 2006


This week has been crazy busy, for some reason. And it's only Wed! I am exhausted right now.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment at school to get my picture taken for the class composite photo, have to get measured for cap and gown, and meet with the others--invites, ring, etc. I am not sure what I am going to do with getting a ring or any extras. I never got a class ring in high school or college, and was glad of that decision with those. But, I am wondering if maybe I want one for law school? Kurt has one and wears his all the time. But guys are different. I guess I will wait and see how much they are. I am trying to save money right now, so don't want one if they are crazy expensive.

Toby had a bad night on Monday night. We thought he was taking a turn for the worse, but then we realized that he had thrown up his pill and therefore, the drugs were not in his system. So, even though he refused to eat it, Kurt made him take his pill and about 12 hours later or so, he seemed back to normal and now, he is totally better again, so that's good.

So, other than that, not much going on. I know, my life is boring, what can I say? :).

Oh, a friend wrote me today and made me realize that some of my random posts may seem like they are about somebody in my life currently, those who may read my blog. In particular, the last post I wrote about friends. If you are reading this blog, then any of my posts which don't name names are NOT about you. I would never write anything in a blog about anyone that actually reads this thing on a regular basis! So......anyone thinking my anonymous posts are about them, fret not! I love all my blog readers! :).
Have a great night, everyone!

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