Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cancer Vaccine

Today, Kurt and I had an awesome day with our retirement account. When Kurt quit his IRS job, we rolled hiss 401K money over into another retirement account that we have control over. No investment advisor to tell us what to do or anything. With the spare time Kurt had not working at the IRS, he has had more time to study investments and the like.


Back when he first did this, he told me to pick a stock to buy from a list of 10 he liked. He liked all 10, but he said that I am *lucky*, so he had be pick one. I picked DNDN, also known as Dendreon. Dendreon created Provenge, which is a vaccine that stops the spread of prostate cancer. Don't quote me on this, science was never my strong subject, so I may not be saying this in a medically correct way, LOL. Provenge was on the table to be approved by the FDA, and today was the meeting and vote to see if it would be placed on the market or not. They had to vote on several things, one of them being if the drug was *safe* and the other being if it was *effective*. The vote was at 330 and I think Kurt watched the stupid message boards for most of the day because we had quite a few shares of this stock. It passed! So, tomorrow, the stock is most likely going to SKYROCKET and we are going to make a fortune. Not like millions or anything, but enough to possibly double what we have in our 401K account, if we had a really, really good day. It just depends. Anyway, I like the drug and stock because Kurt's Dad was just diagnosed with prostate cancer, and maybe the drug can help him, or others like him.

Click here to see a video and article on Dendreon.

So, after work, Kurt stopped at Kroger's and bought champagne and brought it home. Him, Kory and I went to Red Lobster for dinner to celebrate and they drank most of the champagne. And had drinks at dinner. I was the DD, so I did not drink at all. I am such a good girl, ;).


Rebecca said...

Dang, I always miss out on the fun stuff!

Lori Anne Haskell said...

You do not, LOL. All the drinking usually occurs when you are over.......Plus, you know how I am with the fried food and bar food....I dont do it anymore and you and Kory never want to go someplace GOOD! Ha.