Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I converted.

OK, before you really wonder, a minor conversion. We switched our satellite service from DishNetwork to DirectTV. Why? My husband is slightly addicted to baseball. Dish previously had the rights to the baseball package on satellite and we had it. recently, DirectTV outbid Dish and so we HAD to swtich. At least according to Kurt. So today, the guy came out and switched all our TVS over. The most exciting part of it for me though, is the TV in my gym in the basement was hooked up properly. We had it hooked to an upstais TV previously, so I had to change the channel UPSTAIRS to watch in the basement. What a pain. Now, I can have my remote on the treadmill and channel surf all I want. Yay. In fact, I did that tonight, switching from American Idol to the Pussycat Doll Search to Boston Legal. Hooray again.

Work was productive today. I got a lot of paperwork done that I have been trying to get done. Got 4 new bankruptcies filed online, and a new divorce filed at the court. We have filed so many divorces lately, it's crazy. They seem to go in spurts.

So, the rest of my week is pretty busy. I will try to post when I can.....Night, y'all.

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