Thursday, March 15, 2007


I thought I was going to post saying Rebecca would be proud of me for taking a night off from working out, but alas, I can't say that since I worked out. I came home from work not feeling well (don't know if it's allergies or a cold) and proceeded to fall asleep on the couch after watching half an episode of Big Love. Stayed there until 915 p.m. But then got up and worked out while watching Intervention. I tried to take it easy on myself though, so I biked and ran some, did crunches and push-ups. Basically, I exchanged running for extra biking. When I tried running, I was having a hard time breathing because of being sick, so I did not want to push it.

So, through my sleeping, I missed Grey's Anatomy! I will have to try and watch tomorrow or online later.

Off to bed, try and nurse my cold/allergies or whatever it is.


Lisa said...

And Grey's was soooooo good!!

Crazymrsnancy said...

I didn't exercise last night... or in like the last MONTH ack

Lori Anne Haskell said...

Lisa: no worries, I will watch it at some point. and can't wait now!

Nancy: Ask Rebecca, I am slightly addicted, which I guess is a good thing except when maybe I should be nursing a cold.....And, my gym is in my basement! I have no excuse for NOT working out.