Saturday, March 31, 2007


A friend of mine from high school.......Actually, a really close friend of mine from school, was recently found. She was not really *missing* in the sense of a missing person or wanting to be found though. She was running away from the law and had disappeared for like over 4 years. Let me back up so you can understand.

Samantha** was the all around perfect person. She is gorgeous, got perfect grades in school, and has(d) an awesome personality. Everyone loved her. She dated all the hot guys in high school. She wrote poetry, she could dance. She was one of my closest friends in school, and our parents were really good friends as well. We spent many hours in her room gossiping about boys, being there for eachother, etc.


After high school, she did what everyone *expected* her to do. She went to Michigan Tech and started pursuing her degree in engineering, following in her Dad's footsteps. I don't know when things started going wrong, but she ended up dropping out of school, partying too much, working at dead end jobs. She met her now husband, who was involved in drugs and the like, and really started to go downhill. They were married. Slightly after that, her husband got in trouble with drug related charges and instead of doing time like others would do, he and she decided to run from the law. And run they did. Nobody has heard a peep from them in over 4 years.

I can't even imagine how her parents felt. To not know if your child is dead or alive, if they are safe, if they need anything. What she did to everyone who knows her is terrible and selfish, not to mention illegal. But at the same time, I always wondered how she was doing, if I could do anything to help her get out of the situation.........................

Two days ago, she was found working at a telemarketing business in San Diego, CA, along with her husband. They were supposedly involved in some kind of commune out there, and I hope she is not brainwashed and messed up from it. The Feds picked them up, and they are going to be sent back to Michigan soon. Supposedly, they think her husband will get 20 plus years, and what Sam will get is unknown. Maybe just probation.

I hope she can turn her life around now. I hope I can get in touch with her again, at least via letters. Everyone has missed out on a lot of her life.

I really thought she was out of the country and would never be found. It was kinda shocking when my Mom told me the news today. I guess I will see what the future holds with this one......

**Name changed.....

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Librocrat said...

I read a book called "Perv - A love story" where the female main character was a lot like that. Don't read the book, though. Wasn't very good.