Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Game

I have not edited all pics yet, but here is one I really like from the game. Today, Kurt, Scott and I went to the Tigers Spring Training game in Lakeland, FL. It was such a blast. Spring Training is so laid back, the main players seem to truly be having fun. I got a lot of really close-up pics, and our seats were awesome. We were right behind home plate. I think we got seats normally reserved for the press, as we had seats right next to several Free Press and News writers, some scouts and Dave Dombrowski was literally two rows up from us. I was floored by this. How kewl. I wanted to go say hi, but he has a job to do and I did not want to interrupt. His kids were at the game for a while too. Robertson, my fav pitcher, started the game, so that was kewl. I love him! The Tigers lost, but these games don't matter, so whatever. I bought Kurt a Lakeland t-shirt and a program, and his brother bought him a kewl hat and pin. After the game, we went to dinner, then got a hotel room. We were both exhausted from our lack of good sleep last night since we got in so late.

Anyway. Will write more tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Lisa said...

I'm so jealous your in Florida! Have a great vacay!