Saturday, June 14, 2008

California Dreamin'

Quick update to let everyone know where I am.......then off to get my hair and makeup done.

Kurt and I are in Simi Valley (outside of LA) for Julia and Tony's wedding...

We left after work on Wednesday, and have been hanging in LA ever since. I will update with details and pics once we are back on Sunday night.

We are having a great time. Weather is awesome here, prob the best of anywhere I have been, with the exception of Hawaii. The one had point of this area is the traffic, it's absolutely horrendous.

Talk soon, hope everyone is having a great weekend.


MissThang said...

Weather is better in San Diego, guarantee it ;) Plus, I'm here. Heh.

Glad to know you're having fun! Wanna see pics!

Katie said...

Ohhh, California... now I am truly jealous!
Hope you're having a blast! :) Can't wait to see pics!