Sunday, June 08, 2008


Had breakfast this morning with the two soon to be board members, Judy and Ruth. It was nice. I am glad with Nora leaving that two other females will be on the board and I will not be the only one. Especially since these two are so nice and really care about the schools and kids. Went to work after that, and have been chilling at home ever since.

I have this friend I am slightly annoyed with right now. I normally take on the attitude with *friends* that if they are not going to be there, or respond to me or whatever, then it's their loss. Or at least I say that's how I feel. But this friend, we have been thru a lot together. She has literally not responded to my texts, emails, myspace messages, nothing. And I KNOW she is online, because she updates her Myspace, posts new pictures, leaves messages for other people, etc. I have stopped writing her and inviting her to anything, because I am beginning to feel like a stalker because she never responds. Which in itself is just plain rude. I know she is busy, but I have no doubt I am busier...and I still respond to people's emails/texts on a daily basis. No idea why she is avoiding me, but, I have a feeling it's just because we don't have a lot in common socially right now. I think she may also not want me around because she does not want her new friends to know that she used to be part of a more normal circle of people, or does not want these people to know she used to be part of a modest lifestyle. It appears that her new cirlce of friends worship her, and I am kinda a tell it like it is friend, so maybe she does not like that I am not fawning over everything she buys and does. Who knows. I posted about her before, if this is sounding familiar. Her main thing right now is luxury partying, luxury anything. I don't think going to an Applebee's for a night out to gab would be on her agenda. It's kinda odd to me, all of this though. She has this entire new group of friends, most of them who I have no doubt earn less money than I do (I say this only because they all appear to spend money in a way that sasys that they earn far MORE money than I do). They all *act* like they are rich and high class, wear only the best, drink only the best, go VIP and first class on everything. What's weird is, I truly could afford that stuff if I wanted, but have no desire whatsoever to do any of it. I would much prefer spending time with friends in a laid back environment, in flip flops and capris, and drinking *gasp* something that does not cost $100 for a pint. What's even weirder to me is that my friend is into all this. She used to be one of the most down to earth people I know, and I am wondering if she is ever going to return to reality in the near future. I am just trying to ignore it, as I know she is having fun, and she needs that, but I would love to have her back sometime......I used to say of all my friends, I had the most in common with her. Literally, we seemed to be like the same person re personality, upbringing, etc. Now, I think she is the furthest from me in similarities of friends. Oh well. I was just thinking about this and thought i would post. I am sure someday, she will get tired, or meet someone and get married again or serious, and she may calm down and become the person I used to know. I will just have to wait it out, ;).

Anyway, can't wait to see pics and the trip report from Rebecca's whirlwind trip to meet Mindy in Vegas!


Lisa said...

Ugh, thats crappy. I myself, would send a message asking her what the deal was. I can't let stuff go, lol.

Amanda said...

Stop contacting her, seriously. If she can't be bothered to reach out or even respond to maintain the friendship, well, you have better ways to spend your time and better people to spend your time with.

If she comes around eventually - well, she knows where to find you.

A sad loss, though....I'm sorry....

.................Nancy said...

Her loss!!

If you ever want to hang out with someone that's always broke and that sometimes can't even afford Applebees, call me! hehehe

Rebecca said...

Remember how I posted about Jodie and other friends who can't be bothered to be civilized and return a text/e-mail/phone call, or, God forbid, make an effort on their own? Well, do what I do and forget about them. Yeah, it sucks, but really, if that's how she is going to act (and I just saw a tiny bit of it when I met her), why would you even want to be around that?

Besides, we all know I'm WAY cooler ;)