Saturday, June 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Kory and Christie!

June 6 was Kory's 23rd birthday and my sister's 29th bday! Happy birthday both of you!

Bought a computer! And I got an amazing deal on it at Staples, of all places. Anyway, I got the Dell Inspiron 1721. I liked it because the screen is huge for a laptop (17 inches). At Staples, it was on clearance and marked down $500.00. Then, since it was the last one in the store, they came down another 10%. Plus, I get cash back for using my Staples Reward card, so I will get 10% more back in the mail in a couple months. So, I got a $1600 computer for under $600. Gotta love deals with shopping. Yay. Am getting used to it now because it is heavier and the keyboard is wider than my last computer, so it is weird right now, LOL. Thus far though, love it. Especially since it functions.....

Had a board meeting on Thursday night to see presentations by companies that will assist us in our superintendent search. We chose MASB, which I am happy about. I felt like they had a lot more experience in searching, and would do so more quickly. It sucks Tim is retiring big time, but, I am really happy for him that he gets to spend time relaxing and with his wife. Congrats again, Tim.

Friday night, Rebecca came over before her flight to Vegas to have dinner for Kory's birthday. Well really, she was just coming over and it happened to fall on Kory's birthday. Went to Pete's, and showed her the pond. Later that night, Kory's parents got here and we all went out for drinks at Jerry's Bar. Today, we went to Grassroots (the pond store near our house) and for breakfast at Newport Cafe with everyone. Keith and Kellie left after that, and we have been chilling the rest of the day. I watered my flowers with my new attachment for the hose I bought, and watered some shrubs and trees as well. We bought some really kewl floating plants for the pond today. Oh, and the well people came on Friday and started that, so hopefully, it is done soon because our water levels are low from the hot weather we have been getting.

Anyway, off to bed. Having breakfast in the morning with Judy and Ruth, then heading to work for the day, I think. Night.....

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Rebecca said...

Dell??? Sorry, I just had to laugh after you always bitch about their product :)