Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pedicures, Non-Compliments, and New Places

So, my life is insane this week. On top of my Grama being in the nursing home and family stress, I have a totally booked social calendar. I am trying to move stuff around because I am exhausted.

Monday night, we had dinner with our friends, Cliff and Lisa, at Moro's in Allen Park. Lisa was running really late, so we ended up not getting home until almost bedrome. Dinner was nice though and the marinara sauce they made up for Lisa and I was awesome. We wanted spicy, and it was sooo spicy. Yum. The food there is great. Lisa is in school to be a physicians assistant, so we dont get to see a lot of her or Cliff because she studies around the clock. She is now in the clinical portion of her studies though, so she is in different doctor's offices and out of the house a bit more.

Tuesday night, met Nancy after work for pedicures and dinner. Love Nancy. Being around her just relaxes me. We got our pedis at Pure NV Salon in Taylor. Their pedi room there is really nice. Chatted and gossiped through that. After that, had dinner at Pete's Place in Taylor, which I had never been to and loved. Cute little diner with awesome food. I had a tuna melt that was fabulous and onion soup. Filled Nancy in on all the stuff going on with me. She is almost done with school, which is great! Can't wait for her to graduate.

Got the best compliment yesterday, which was actually not meant to be a compliment, Ha. There is this female attorney who I am friends with. She kinda has a love--hate relationship with Kurt though. She likes him as a person, but she HATES the way he argues cases. Each of them has a totally different way of arguing cases. Betty is more laid back and nonconfrontational, and Kurt is, umm, kinda an ass. But, an effective ass. Sometimes, you just gotta be mean to the other side to get your point across. Betty does not like Kurt's use of words such as "liar", "druggie", "strung out crack head", and so on. Anyway. I digress. I was arguing a case yesterday, and Kurt was waiting in the hallway for me because his cases were done. He and Betty were talking, and she had to come into the court for something. Kurt asked her to see if I was arguing my case or waiting. She came back out and said "she is on the record. AND. She argues her cases just like you.." Then, she rolled her eyes. But seriously. Kurt is amazing in court. If someone is comparing me to him, I must be doing something right! :). I like how her noncompliment totally made me day! Heh.

Back to work.

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Julia said...

I love spicy Italian food too (well, spicy any food really). If you like spicy marinara sauce, you should try this recipe!

I replace 1/2 of the crushed red pepper with Cayenne pepper.