Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Feeling Sorry for Laptop

OK, not really. But, I came home and went to get on my laptop, which is having issues. It does turn on, but it keeps going to that screen where you have to choose to *start normally*, or in *safe mode*, etc., and nothing is working to get it on. I tried my restore cds which worked once in the past, and NOTHING. Thus, I have to make a decision. I am going to take it in and see if it can get fixed, or perhaps get a new one. Mine is desperately old (it was bought near the start of law school, which was a freaking long time ago). But, the computer is great, and if fixed cheaply, I would like to keep. Decisions, decisions. Then, if I decide on something new, I need to decide if I want to take the plunge to Macs. I love Apple products, but I have only used Windows my entire life. Hmm. Anyone have a laptop they love and that I MUST purchase?? Suggestions, if you have them, please!

Last night, Val came to visit with her new boyfriend, Rob. It was really nice to see her. It is truly scary how much alike we are, and we are not actual sisters, simply former stepsisters. She is me, minus 11 years. Even getting the same undergrad degree......Anyway, Rob was really nice. We all went to dinner at Pete's, and hung at the house afterwards. Rob's family can get into the dealer auctions that are not open to the public for cars, so him and Kory were surfing the net lookings for Audis and others. Kory wants to sell his truck and get something more gas efficient. So, Rob was his bestest friend last night, HAHA.

Announcment: Rebecca is coming to my hometown with me over the 4th of July! We are taking a girls' trip and I can't freaking wait. One, to spend lots of time with her, and two, to see my Mommy. I sent emails to all my friends who still live there or might be there over the 4th, so hopefully, Rebecca and I can get drunk a lot and have fun! hehe. At the very least, we will spend a lot of time at the beach and the festival. I grew up in Manistee, MI, which is on Lake Michigan. So, awesome place to be in summer, HORRIBLE cold place to be in winter. Should be so super fun. Rebecca will most likely be meeting Nick (my nephew) when I do for the first time, so we will have to take lots of pictures.

It's also getting SOO close to our LA trip. I can't believe I leave on Wed night. Crazy. I still need to rent a car, but I have the hotel room rented, Kurt's tux is ready to be picked up, and my makeup and hair appointment was made for me, thanks to Julia. Yay.

Anyway, off to bed. Have an early appointment and deposition, and a late night, with a board meeting. Speaking of board meetings, there is a bunch of drama going on there which annoys me, but I am working through it. Which is why I hate politics and could never be involved any further than a school board! :).


MissThang said...

I love my MacBook...and I was a PC girl all the way until January. Now I'm glad I have a Mac :)

Yay for fun stuff happening for 4th of July! They passed a ban on all San Diego beaches that there is to be NO alcohol at ANY time. It used to be one big drunk fest of half naked bodies on the sand drink, drink, drinking on the no one knows what the heck to do ;)

Wish I could see you while you're out in CA...LA is so close, yet so far away :(

Rebecca said...

1) Kory is mister "I'm never getting a car again..." so that will be funny.

2) I can't believe you're leaving Wednesday! Holy cow!

Silka said...

I'm still on the anti-mac train myself but I say if you decide to get a new one, look at ALOT of them before making your choice. I have a dell laptop that I got last year and love it.

LA...nice. Hope you have a great time. I went to San Diego some years back and stay in Corondao. It was great.

.................Nancy said...

I still love my HP Pavillion that I got last summer, but I'm soooo glad I 'upgraded' to Windows XP hehe (I couldn't stand Vista and it's resource sucking ways!)

Emily said...

I recommend mac laptops. I have an old pc desktop, which I use from time to time, but I bought my mac laptop two years ago and love it (mine is an ibook, which they don't make anymore). Just in general they are so easy to use, they make a lot more sense then pcs do in many ways. I adore mine and though I would probably buy another pc desktop, for a portable I'm mac all the way!

Cynthia said...

I miss the forest festival! So many memories. Have a great time!